Thursday, September 26, 2019

M15 Select Bus Service routes will soon carry surveillance camera to bust lane blockers

Don't stare at that GIF for too long!

Buses that service the East Village will be the first in the city to come equipped with surveillance cameras to keep drivers out of bus lanes.

Starting on Oct. 7, buses on the M15 SBS routes on First Avenue and Second Avenue will start using automated mobile camera systems "to capture real-time lane violations as part of citywide efforts to increase bus speeds and keep traffic moving on congested streets."

Details, per the MTA:

ABLE camera systems can capture evidence such as license plate information, photos and videos, as well location and timestamp information, of vehicles obstructing bus lanes to document clear cases of bus lane violation. The system collects multiple pieces of evidence to ensure that vehicles making permitted turns from bus lanes are not ticketed. This information will be transmitted to NYCDOT for review and processing, and the program will be administered in partnership with NYCDOT and the NYC Department of Finance.


Motorists who block bus lanes are first issued a warning with a 60-day grace period when no fines are assessed, beginning October 7. After the grace period ends, motorists who continue to block bus lanes will be subject to a fine of $50 for each violation, which also carries a $25 late fee.

The automated bus lane enforcement program is expected to expand to the B44 SBS and M14 SBS by the end of November. (The fine print: "The expansion to the M14 SBS is dependent upon the resolution of ongoing litigation.")


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you are planning to turn and have your signal on, and then realize you want to turn on the following block, if you will get a ticket. It's hard not being a robot!

Anonymous said...

How much of OUR money will the MTA be spending hiring people to view & review the video footage to determine who is/isn't obeying the law, and who's a repeat offender? There is NO WAY this can possibly make economic sense to do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another tax on NYers.
BTW, check out the latest toll increases proposed by the Port Authority.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great; get out the bus lane already! $50 is too cheap.

Anonymous said...

yeah, 50 is not enough, and while they're at it, get those parking in bike lanes too, $115.