Sunday, September 22, 2019

Week in Grieview

[Current view of the NE corner of 3rd Ave and St. Mark's]

Posts this past week included...

The Associated on 14th Street in Stuy Town is said to close by year's end (Monday)

At the Gem Spa Cash Mob (Monday)

A visit to ANNA on 5th Street (Thursday)

RIP Gigi Watson (Tuesday)

2nd Avenue gas explosion trial enters 2nd week (Monday)

Reports: 89-year-old woman attacked in her home, robbed of money for husband's tombstone (Friday)

The East Village Vintage Collective celebrates 4 years on 12th Street (Friday)

What's left of the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

Report: Cops blame cyclist for being assaulted on his bike (Friday)

Grant Shaffer's NY See (Thursday)

Community gardeners to rally at City Hall (Wednesday)

Remembering Ric Ocasek (Monday)

Workers officially reach the top at 11 Avenue C, where a 10-floor building sits on the neighborhood's last gas station (Monday)

First pumpkins of the season at Westside Market on Third Avenue...

"Mom-and-Pop Storefronts," now on display at the Theater For The New City Gallery through Oct. 27 (Thursday)

The Dip is coming to St. Mark's Place (Friday)

Orientation underway at the Boys' Club for the 2019-2020 school year (Monday)

The all-new 149 Avenue B emerges (Monday)

Trash PSA on Avenue A (Saturday)

4 opportunities to talk with the 9th Precinct about crime-safety concerns (Sunday)

Construction watch: 75 1st Ave. (Tuesday)

Construction watch: Houston House (Thursday)

Some sprkl for Gem Spa (Wednesday)

Police searching for suspect who robbed the Dunkin' Donuts on 14th Street near Avenue B (Tuesday)

Kolkata Chai Cafe aims to bring authentic South Asian vibes to 3rd Street (Wednesday)

Unpacking what there is at the Moxy East Village, now open on 11th Street (Tuesday)

157 2nd for rent (Monday)

... summer officially ends ... photo in Tompkins Square Park Friday by Vinny & O...


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