Friday, October 11, 2019

'Fall Into Love' at Middle Collegiate Church's street fair on 2nd Avenue

Tomorrow (Oct. 12!) Middle Collegiate Church hosts the Second Avenue Street Fair: "Fall Into Love."

Here's what you can expect between Noon and 5 p.m. along the Avenue (from Sixth Street to 14th Street):

Children and families can enjoy fall-themed activities like pumpkin painting, art projects, a bounce house, tie-dye t-shirt making, and a bubble station, in addition to local vendors. The Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir, the Village Chorus for Children and Youth and other local artists will be offering entertainment in front of Middle Collegiate Church.

The Second Avenue Street Fair was started in the 1980s as a way to raise money for the "Celebrate Life Meal," the free meal the church offered to those living with HIV/AIDS. The meal continues today in partnership with The Momentum Project. Proceeds from the Second Avenue Street Fair benefit the pride ministries of Middle Collegiate Church.


Choresh Wald said...

The street fair goes all the way up north to 12th Street. There is a lady that sells records on the corner of 10th street .
The street fair is showcasing how 6 blocks of a major avenue can be opened for pedestrians use without one NYPD officer in sight, just blue NYPD wood fences yet every car free event the city organizes is sabotaged by the PD who claims it needs to operate multiple officers on every block in order to maintain order and traffic flow.
Every street fair is a missed opportunity by the city Department of Transportation who can measure traffic patterns changes and effects from the opening of city blocks for people not in cars to use and yet chooses not to.
When a group of people asks for a permit from Community Board 3 for one day to use a city block for any use other than moving motor vehicles PD objects it on baseless merits like “traffic congestion “ and “deployment of extra police officers “.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a study on how many people are inconvenienced, and how many buses in total have to be re-routed, every single time an avenue is closed for a street fair/festival for the better part of a day. And it's almost always a weekend day, when many of us are TRYING to get our errands run. The 2nd Avenue buses were a mess yesterday.

And too bad if you just got released from the ER or hospital and wanted to get to your apartment on the avenue by taxi, b/c that's not happening either. The presumption seems to be that people who live on the avenues don't really exist.