Tuesday, September 8, 2020

These 2 buildings on Avenue A are getting taller

The two-story extension has come into view in recent weeks here at 15 Avenue A between First Street and Second Street (if EV Arrow can help)...

As previously reported, there are approved plans on file with the city for a gut renovation and extension of the currently vacant building. No. 15 is receiving two new floors, moving from four to six... with five residential units (likely condos) in the making.

The new retail tenant was expected to be a wine bar from Bushwick-based pizzeria Roberta's. No word if that is still the case.

The retail space at 15 Avenue A was previously the Family Dental Center, which moved down to Essex Street in 2017. The retail listing at the time noted that this would be a "great location" for a restaurant.

... and up Avenue A at Sixth Street, work continues on adding a floor to No. 94-96...

As we reported in May 2019, the new owner of No. 94-96 filed plans with the city for a one-floor extension at the building that previously housed Sidewalk Bar and Restaurant.

And that floor is coming into view (depending on where you're standing...)

The retail tenant on the ground floor, the bar-restaurant August Laura, is open during non-construction hours.

Other recent Avenue A extensions include No. 202.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to know the names of our local legislators who are approving these real estate development projects on the LES.