Sunday, February 7, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week included ... (with a photo from First Avenue and 10th Street by Derek Berg) ...

• Get your Sex, Love & Vintage this month at 3rd and B'zaar on 3rd Street (Monday

• The Marshal seizes the Lower East Side Coffee Shop on 14th Street (Friday

• It blizzard-ed (Monday ... and here and here and here, for starters) 

• RIP Ricky Powell (Tuesday

• The return of the anonymous, animal-loving snow shoveler of the East Village (Friday)

• Mystery pianist playing some snow tunes on 3rd Street (Tuesday

• About that rolled-up carpet in the crosswalk (Friday

• The latest single from Phony Express: "Pickup On 11th Street (Richie's Guitar Shop Bop)" (Friday

 • With Gino Sorbillo bowing out, there's another pizzeria slated for 334 Bowery (Monday)

 • Anniversaries! No. 22 for Lavagna (Monday) No. 6 C&B Cafe (Thursday

 • This week's NY See panel finds a solitary figure in a snowbound First Avenue (Thursday)

• Gallery Watch heads to Super Dutchess (Friday

• Happy birthday Ray! (Saturday

• Former Snowdays space will yield a sushi counter on 10th Street (Wednesday

• Space where Momofuku got its start is for rent on 1st Avenue (Thursday

• Thanks to Mighty Quinn's, Otto's Tacos is making a (virtual) return (Wednesday

• Deli in the works for the SE corner of Avenue C and 10th Street (Wednesday

• Snowplow collides with the Iggy's curbside space on Ludlow Street (Thursday

• Another pizzeria slinging 99-cent slices coming to 14th Street (Wednesday)

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derek berg said...

FYI, the mask in photo is WW 2 vintage.

Chris said...

Hopefully the filter isn't the same vintage! GP-5 filters can release asbestos and lead as they degrade with age.