Thursday, March 3, 2016

100 Avenue A reps say that 100 Avenue A is already 50% sold

As previously noted, developer Ben Shaoul's residences at 100 Avenue A between East Sixth Street and East Seventh Street at the new 6-story 8-story building will start at $1.28 million.

Apparently people want to live here, according to the people who are selling the units.

Per a news release on the opening of the sales office at 115 Avenue A yesterday:

Prior to opening the sales office, the rare luxury 32 unit condo property is already 50% sold to date as a result of early buzz generated by a daring marketing campaign featuring nearly nude models painted to blend into their surroundings. 100 Avenue A is set to break countless records, including the highest residential price per square foot achieved in the East Village for a non-penthouse unit, with residence 7C already going into contract for $2,685 per foot.

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Gojira said...

"Rare"? I guess my definition of "rare" doesn't include "one of countless hideous cookie cutter 'luxury upscale' developments, this one with a pretentious, pseudo-sophisticated marketing campaign geared to attract fratboy idiots and blithering bimbos by pretending to be unique and 'edgy'". Silly me!

Anonymous said...

For weeks now I have been hearing a loud banging sound, I assumed it was from one or more of the many construction sites but now I realize its the last nail being pounded in the East Village's coffin.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the noise you hear. (Can't be that they're all snapping their designer handbags/briefcases shut at the same time.)

Anonymous said...

This is very hard to believe as the Times and other media call the luxury boom shot.

Anonymous said...

Pussy Galore indeed!

cmarrtyy said...

It's not true. The real estate business has been hyping, super-hyping sales for years.

Anonymous said...

Grieve, should know better than to run a story based on some phony balony "newswire" crappy write up. Did you read it? "100 Avenue A is set to break countless records..." GTFO of here with that false bullshit.

Anonymous said...

$1.28 million dollars. On Ave A above a bar known for serving duchy bros. No big deal at all. I'll just write a check and spend another 1 million dollars on furniture and blow.

Anonymous said...

We already have NoHo, SoHo, NoMad. Maybe the area around this building should be called "BroHo" - because you can't get more accurate than that.

Anonymous said...

"daring" wow