Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Former Downtown Auto space continues conversion to open-air food market

Work continues at 348 Bowery, where workers are transforming part of the former Downtown Auto & Tire left into an open-air food market... the new fence arrived last week... and the kiosks are coming together...

As we first reported on Feb. 1, the corner lot at Great Jones will showcase several quick-serve food vendors. BoweryBoogie noted yesterday that the space will be called — The Bowery Market.

The website for the market doesn't include any details on the vendors. Essex Street's Cabilito Pupuseria was said to be a participant. (Their crowdfunding campaign for a food stand has yielded $230 of a $18,000 goal.)

No word either on an opening date.

The address has been without a full-time tenant since Downtown Auto & Tire left in April 2012. The Deth Killers of Bushwick opened a pop-up shop here in February 2014, selling their brand of jeans and motorcycle stuff for several months.

Hopefully The Bowery Market will be a much more viable space than Boutiques on Bowery was across the street.


JQ LLC said...

they're going to sell food where an auto shop once stood. Well why not. In Queens, there are bars near superfund sites, I guess the foodie demographic have superior immune systems.

No wonder hospitals are shutting down.

Anonymous said...

At least name the place something like "SOUP" or "Bread Line", or something.

xOMars said...

I believe Nike also had one of their very bright, pop up stores in this location.

Anonymous said...

Hey JQ LLC this foodstand supports local businesses and brings some life to a now vapid, shallow strip, so put a sock in it.

JQ LLC said...

Life huh, I've been hearing that a lot in the past 10 years,Especially in towns like Greenpoint, Ridgewood, and now the south bronx, east new york and sunset park. Like the people and the small businesses there never contributed to their areas or existed there before.

And they can only get 200 bucks crowdfunding, not much life there bucko. Save the sock for your own, whatever orifice you like.

And don't give me any shit about how crime is down. Notice a lot of rapes, public lewdness and exposures, stabbings, and shootings lately? Lots of savages still in this town.

Anonymous said...

Hey JQ LLC this outdoor food market on a prime lot for luxury housing development isn't gentrification and the business which used to be at Essex Market wanting to relocate to this spot is a longtime local/area business so take your head out of your ass.

JQ LLC said...

Sorry Mr. or Ms, Defensive for offending your sensibilities and the mission of your artisanal food buddies. But I never mentioned gentrification at all. I just found it peculiar that they would choose a location to sell food and drinks where an auto and tire shop once stood. I hope they gave it a thorough cleaning.

Wasn't the Essex Market a big space? Why choose a small corner then? There are plenty of empty stores in the area that they could have used, maybe one of those ICON properties. But I guess the allure is greater if it's outdoors and was once a grimy dirty spot to recreate that open market feel.

Anyways, have fun and enjoy your meals. In solidarity, I will buy a taco from a stand a few steps away from an idling VW

Anonymous said...

Hey numbnuts, Essex Market has closed or will close and the business there who's moving or wants to move into this new space had to move because of either reason or some other reason, ok? They are not artisanal hipsters. Your mention of them is insinuating that artisinal hipsters are operating this thing thus being the feelers for the gentry when THE AREA HAS ALREADY BEEN GENTRIFIED.

You are hardly offending my sensibilties Mr.What's Your Point Bashing An Outdoor Food Market? So what it's where an auto tire shop used to be? Are auto parts and tires still being sold there? If so then I could see it being a problem LOL but it's not so again take your head out of your ass.

Enjoy your taco at a taco stand which should be reported to the Department Of Health if it is operating without a mobile food license or people licensed to work a mobile food truck (besides that it's a shitty, sleazy move to set up shop next to an open food market, especially one where people who have actually put down roots in the area in the form of operating in a fixed place are serving tacos which are better than the slop you eat.)