Monday, July 25, 2016

Flowers for former Mono + Mono space on 4th Street

[Photo from yesterday]

In April 2013, a two-alarm fire swept through 116 E. Fourth St., home of the Korean fried chicken restaurant Mono + Mono. Through the years the owners provided updates that they'd return to the space between First Avenue and Second Avenue. That never happened.

And on Saturday, an EVG reader noted that a new business was opening here — Le Bouquet NY...

The sign also notes "By Doro's Annex Flower Shop."

In late 2013, the high-end florist Doro's closed after 33 years in business on Ninth Avenue and 21st Street. We stopped by the new shop for more info, but they were not open yesterday.

H/T EVG reader Brian!

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Anonymous said...

About 6 months ago or so, I was passing by here - the paper was still up in the windows, but the door was open and music was playing. I got excited thinking that the restaurant was making its comeback, finally. But, then people were walking to a van with big bouquets of flowers and I didn't know what to think!

It was only recently that I saw that the paper was down and flowers in the window. I'm glad the space is being used for something, but still miss the restaurant!

Anonymous said...


That's pretty baller

Anonymous said...

Doro's Annex was a great shop, so I bet this will be too. And how refreshing that a space becomes something other than - you know what (resto, bar, bank, drugstore, head shop).

Anonymous said...

Wow great phone number. Large space for a flower shop!