Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Update on yesterday's stabbing in Tompkins Square Park

Here are more details about the stabbing that took place yesterday afternoon in Tompkins Square Park.

According to Downtown Manhattan Patch, a 26-year-old man, whose identity has not been released, was stabbed multiple times with a pair of scissors.

Per Patch:

Emerson Whitmore, 51, and Sarah Wilson, 36, who knew the victim, got into a fight with him over property that had gone missing or might have been stolen, according to the NYPD. Whitmore stabbed the victim in the back multiple times with the scissors.

Police charged Whitmore, who lives at Project Renewal on the Bowery, with assault and possession of a weapon.

The victim is in serious condition at Bellevue.


Will NYC said...

I don't think letting people shoot up in the afternoon as I see regularly or the homeless congregating by the bathrooms all day is doing them any good and it certainly doesn't add any sense of tranquility to the park. Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic to the people suffering but I never see any volunteers etc. trying to help with food or ask if they need medical attention and so on. Just letting them congregate when they're clearly unwell is a disservice to everyone. Now as to this stabbing, it could happen anywhere at any time - people strike out violently all too frequently. However there's a real problem with people who need assistance in that park and they are NOT getting it. What can be done about that? It's a busy park and this is no secret. What good is government if they won't address the needs of the most vulnerable, suffering in broad daylight?

Giovanni said...

TSP is getting rough--be careful out there Grieve they're even attacking bloggers now.

Via A Walk In The Park

Homeless Attack Man Filming In Tompkins Square Park

By Geoffrey Croft

A 36-year-old freelance journalist was attacked last Monday, July 11th, filming homeless people in Tompkins Square Park, NYC Park Advocates has learned. The victim told police he was video taping quality-of-life issues inside the park using his i-phone video for his blog. He was filming a group in a homeless encampment and they asked him to stop around 10:50 p.m.

Two homeless men tackled him causing him to drop his phone. They punched him several times and they grabbed his phone, and broke it. Police are trying to retrieve the video from the broken phone but the phone is in poor condition and is not backed up on a cloud.

No arrests have been made.

Anonymous said...

The prison-to-chess-tables revolving door continues...

Anonymous said...

I don't wish to see anyone attacked, but you don't just go filming people as if they are zoo animals for your (excuse me) fucking blog! All this guy had to do was ask. I get that legally, if people are out in public then anyone has the right to take their picture, but there's this thing called common decency.

Anonymous said...

TSP menu
50 years ago ther were gangs in the park
then serious drugs
then the hippies
then a homelsss encampent'
then a police riot
then a clean-up

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm probably gonna catch ALOT of shit for this, but I think it's time Tompkins Square Park becomes a key park i.e. one accessible by key.

Here's how I think it can work:

1. A cute little key stand is built next to the park at the southwestern corner (East 7th Street and Avenue A.)

2. The key is free to everyone who resides in the zip code the park is in and all adjacent zip codes including everyone who lives in homeless residences including Project Renewal, Bowery Mission etc. this way people with no fixed/permanent address is penalized. The key is also free to anyone who is staying in a hotel in any of these zip codes so tourists who support neighborhood businesses aren't penalized either.

3. The key is $5 for everyone who lives or is staying in a hotel outside these zip codes. This fee subsidizes the cost of the free keys. The key is free to everyone who lives outside these zip codes and is on unemployment or public assistance (welfare, food stamps, Medicaid) or lives on just Social Security and/or a pension. If you lose your key it's $5 for a new one unless you are exempt.

4. You are required to show your key to an NYPD officer if he/she asks for it. If you do not have a key the fines for the first three offenses are $5, $10, and $20. Fourth time with no key you're banned from the park for a month and fined $40. Fifth time you're banned for a year and fined $160. Sixth time you're banned for life and fined $320. Key tossing i.e. giving your key to someone outside of the park from the park is an automatic one year ban and $160 fine. Ditto for key sharing and duplicating. Pull any of these three stunts and the person commits a felony in the park and both of you are banned from the park for life and the key giver is fined $640 or double the lifetime ban fine. You have to be some kind of jerkoff to not have the key on you to be fined and possibly banned, too, when you can simply put it on your keychain thus always have it.

5. If you are arrested for a felony committed in the park the first time, you are banned from the park for a year, second time for life (two strikes not three.) You assault someone twice in the park, you are not fit to use this park.

Call this a public land use tax, I call it a fee to subsidize the cost of free keys. Call this forcing people to have photo IDs well everyone should have one anyway. Also if you don't live in or aren't staying in a hotel in the neighborhood or the surrounding ones, who are you? If you live or are staying at a hotel in the neighborhood or a surrounding one and commit a crime, key surrendered or dropped, you can easily be traced. You cannot be easily traced if you live in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Did they ask him to stop before he was attacked? If he refused to stop and gave them an attitude then he had it coming. Filming homeless like zoo animals for your blog? Sorry bro
He got tackled and punched and the phone was smashed. Seems fair yo me. People should call the NYPD directly and mind their business. .

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:53 - whoa.

We should NEVER, under any circumstances, relinquish our PUBLIC spaces. EVER. If you want a private key park, there's one within walking distance called Gramercy Park.

Martina Jimenez said...

Why is this not surprising? With the population explosion of De Blasio bums in the city it's inevitable.
Numbers are as high as in the 90s.
Literally can't make it a block without a De Blasio demanding some money or shacking up in a cardboard mini-apartment.