Tuesday, July 19, 2016

St. Mark's Ale House sign down

[Photo by Steven]

Workers today removed the St. Mark's Ale House sign from 2 St. Mark's Place. The 21-year-old bar-restaurant closed at the beginning of the month, as we first reported.

We continue to hear rumors that the owner the is going to reopen the place as a Greek restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Is this building and the buildings across from it including the Continental building being demolished? You once reported that a developer bought all of them and plans to replace them with new buildings.

EV Grieve said...

In June 2015, The Real Deal reported that real-estate investor Arthur Shapolsky intended to buy three properties at the corner of Third Avenue and St. Marks Place: 23 Third Ave., 27 Third Ave. and 3 St. Mark's Place. Basically everything from McDonald's to the corner. But I haven't seen this sale in public records.

Meanwhile, The St. Mark’s Hotel filed plans to expand to 10 floors in November 2014. However, those plans are dormant at the moment. The city disapproved them in March 2015, according to the DOB.

Anonymous said...

So Shapolsky didn't buy the buildings assuming they'd be in public records if he did, thanks!

From the timeline you gave me it looks like he approached the hotel owner after (because) the hotel was thankfully denied an addition of ten more floors (on that structure how?)

My guess is he will buy the buildings once he gets the zoning variances to build his expected ugly ass glass tower shit at the heights he wants them. I'm also guessing all the businesses in the hotel building will be thrown out one by one.

starzstylista said...

I have to laugh. I always thought that place was one of the newer places - I cannot believe it is 21 years old.