Thursday, July 14, 2016

Free tonight in Tompkins Square Park: 'Next Stop, Greenwich Village'

Tonight's free film in Tompkins Square Park is "Next Stop, Greenwich Village," a Paul Mazursky-directed comedy/drama from 1976. Per IMDB:

An aspiring Jewish actor moves out of his parents' Brooklyn apartment to seek his fortune in the bohemian life of Greenwich Village in 1953. He struggles to come to terms with his feelings about his mother's overbearing nature, while also trying to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend.

The cast includes Lenny Baker, Shelley Winters, Ellen Greene, Lois Smith and Christopher (Chris!) Walken.

There's pre-movie music tonight via Bear 54.

Check the Films in Tompkins Facebook page for any updates on tonight's screening.

And upcoming:

7-21 — "Do the Right Thing"

7-28 — "Wild Style"

8-4 — "True Romance"

8-11 — "Romeo + Juliet"


Anonymous said...

And true to form rain in the forecast this evening.

Anonymous said...

Are well behaved, sleeping dogs allowed?

Anonymous said...

Not as much fun as Milos Foreman's somewhat similar but much more biting East Village comedy Taking Off but still pretty amusing. Worth noting that Jeff Goldblum has a small role in Next Stop, Greenwich Village.

Anonymous said...

Next Stop, Greenwich Village in the East Village but not Taxi Driver which is filmed and has its main story and action in the East Village, that makes sense.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

"Taxi Driver" is an R-rated film with extreme violence and gore, and is not appropriate for a public audience.

Be sure to pay particular attention to Lenny Baker's performance in "Next Stop Greenwich Village" which is one of the better ever captured on film.

Look for some quick cameos by Jeff Goldblum; this was only his second film after an incredible performance in "Death Wish (1974)" as "Freak #1." I believe his character rapes and kills Paul's (Charles Bronson) wife and daughter. Talk about family entertainment.

"Next Stop Greenwich Village" was Christopher Walken's (credited as "Chris Walken") first film. You can see his off-kilter style developing.

Bill Murray has a non-speaking cameo in the bar, which is Julius' in the West Village.

"Next Stop Greenwich Village" should get the Criterion treatment. It's a national (and New York City) treasure.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

Thanks for the suggestion of "Taking Off" watching now!

Dan P said...

Christopher Walken appeared in Annie Hall, on the phone saying, "I forgot my mantra"

Eden Bee said...

Taking off is a bizarre film...has a young "bobo bates"in it briefly singing now knows as Kathy Bates.

Anonymous said...

Funny they are showing this movie tonight. Some blog mentioned it recently on a post:

Anonymous said...

They showed Taxi Driver in the park a couple of years ago. No one was traumatized.

Anonymous said...

You talk in' to me?

Anonymous said...

Who died and made you one to determine what is "appropriate for a public audience", Shawn? Spare me your Moral Majority nonsense and what 12:10am said.

Most people who watch movies in the park are old enough to watch R-rated films. Non-rated, G, and PG rated films for the kids are shown in city parks all the time. Let's see some R-rated films in the park for once and if parents don't want their kids seeing them they can just not take their kids to the park for the movie. Why should movies always be for the kids? They shouldn't be.

Btw the only "extreme gore and violence" is in the last part of the film.