Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rain in the Summertime

During the downpour this afternoon on Second Avenue ... photo by Derek Berg.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Everyman.

Anonymous said...

Our homeless friends at the Bowery Mission could prob use some socks, underwear etc. Getting caught in the rain when you don't have extra clothes or a home where you can shower and change is a bad deal. its not just snow and cold that is a big problem. Rain and heat are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

A poncho is better, 2:27pm, because it has a hood to cover your head, you can put it over your clothes, and you can fold it so it fits in your pocket or bag.

Anonymous said...

6:02- I was referring to people who DONT have a poncho. Severe rain will still leave you with soaked clothes regardless.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention people who don't have ponchos or ponchos period, but regardless. I'm saying donate ponchos to the homeless to minimize clothes from being wet due to severe rain. I also meant to say donate umbrellas and shoe protectors too.

Poncho + umbrella + shoe protectors + taking cover in severe rain = minimally wet clothes

When it's raining and warm out go commando, shirtless, and sockless (use non-carcinogenic baby powder on your feet) - no one's gonna notice all that when you're wearing a poncho whether you're homeless or not.