Sunday, July 10, 2016

Report: Jared Kushner evicting tenant who evicted subletter on East 4th Street

The tenant of a rent-stabilized apartment on East Fourth Street owned by Jared Kushner is now facing eviction after she evicted her cancer-stricken subletter.

The New York Post has the story about the apartment at 118-120 E. Fourth St.:

Retired teacher Joy Keith­line sublet her $600-a-month studio to Jeanne DiCarlo for $1,000 a month starting in 2012, court records state.

Meanwhile, Keithline was living at her primary residence — a two-bedroom home near a lake in upstate New York, records show.

Keithline made a hefty 67 percent profit off the scheme until March when she sued to evict her subtenant — the day DiCarlo was scheduled for breast-cancer surgery. “It was horrible,” said DiCarlo, 61. “I had to cancel my surgeries.”

All this ended up in court. Manhattan Housing Judge Michelle Schreiber eventually ordered DiCarlo's eviction because she didn’t have a lease. DiCarlo then lost an emergency appeal this past week. (Keithline was reportedly ordered to pay DiCarlo $25,000 in overcharges.)

However, when the Post contacted the Kushner Companies for comment, a spokesperson said: "We are outraged that Ms. DiCarlo was being taken advantage of. We’re working swiftly not only to remove Ms. Keithline through the legal process, but also to ensure that Ms. DiCarlo can live in the unit."

Court papers also show that Keithline owns a $400,000 house on Staten Island and a $117,000 Florida rental property.

And Gothamist pointed this out:

It's worth noting that the Post, which first reported this story, has endorsed Trump for president, so it's not clear how much of the tabloid's breaking of this story has to do with running damage control for its preferred candidate's son-in-law, who landed himself in hot water this week when he defended an anti-Semitic Trump tweet.

Kushner bought this (and many other East Village buildings) in 2013. In March, tenants at 118 E. Fourth St. went to Manhattan Housing Court as part of ongoing litigation against Kushner. Tenants there had been without gas for cooking since October. There are other issues too, such as collapsed ceilings, overflowing trash and sporadic heat. Kushner eventually settled with the tenants.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't this tenant know that it is illegal to charge a subletter more than the actual rent she was being charged by the landlord? To do that and then take someone to court is so ridiculously stupid. She literally exposed her scam.

cmarrtyy said...

It's obviously a PR stunt. And Ms. DiCarlo is belated and indirect beneficiary. Good for her. Keithline in this case had no right to sublet her property and profit off the landlord's property even if it is the slumlord Kushner. Good luck with the surgery.

Anonymous said...

They are going to give DiCarlo a rent-stabilized lease? Isn't that the implication of saying she can live in the unit? When is the last time a landlord offered a rent stabilized least in the EV? 1984?

Anonymous said...

"but also to ensure that Ms. DiCarlo can live in the unit."

What? For $3,000 per month? I can't imagine they will be so kind to give her a $600/month lease.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kushner is looking for some good press by giving the subletter the lease. Being under the microscope matters!

Anonymous said...

@6:05 I got my rent stabilized lease in 2009.

JQ LLC said...

Hey all you tenants that has suffered under this trust fund predator Kushner. Now that his father-in-law has to make nice with the electeds, this is your chance to take advantage and get the services required that have been denied to you in his diabolical efforts to force you to move.

Wouldn't it be nice that despite this correction, and I am certain this douchehag thought she could get away with such cruelty because of the rapacious environment that this load of a mayor has allowed with the Faustian bargains he's made with REBNY, that investigations are going on delving into his recent past of tormenting tenants with his Croman-style tactics.

Anonymous said...

This story reeks of a publicity stunt. I bet when trump loses the election, they will happily try to evict everyone!

Anonymous said...

100% of the blame belongs to the tenant who knows rent regulated laws and violated them. If she offered it to the "cancer stricken" sublet for $600 I might have sympathy. Landlords need to follow the law and so do tenants!

Anonymous said...

The rent stabilization laws were created to keep low life scum from making themselves wealthy by staying in rent stabilized apartments while accumulating other property. If you have another primary residence you are not qualified for the apartment. This woman had three other residences and yet the Attorney for the Cancer Stricken Tenant failed to bring these facts to court in over one year of trials. This attorney should retire to the farm because he should milk cows like he milked a trial that should have ended in 90 days. I am happy to say that I came to the rescue of the cancer stricken patient to help her when it was impossible to attain an ethical attorney at reasonable prices. PRO SE CAN YOU SEE