Monday, September 15, 2014

Here is the new entry step for Empellón al Pastor

Lots of activity at the former Sushi Lounge space, where Alex (Empellón Cocina, Empellón Taqueria) Stupak is opening Empellón al Pastor (bar meets tortilleria!) this fall here on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place.

Given that it is apparently the most anticipated restaurant opening on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place this fall, here's a progress report on the entrance. Specifically the entry step...



Tomorrow, we hope to have an exclusive look at the door handle.

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Anonymous said...

I wish community boards would ban restaurants and bars from having large open facades like this. Loud music and even louder yelling (talking) by client's makes living anywhere near these places H, E, double hockey sticks.

Anonymous said...

I concur. Plus they leave them open in the summer and run the A/C at the same time. Not a good way to treat Mother Earth!

Anonymous said...

Poke fun if you may, but those are really nice Spanish tiles. lol.

Jill said...

10:12am if you care about those things, then you should go to the community board meetings at the time of the liquor license application and ask for them. With community opposition, they in fact do get stipulations to Rhee liquor license such as closing doors by a certain hour, live music, etc. but if nobody shows up to oppose, they have no reason to limit the license and assume the neighbors are ok with the restaurant's proposal (which is posted in the cb3 website prior to the meeting so you can see what their intentions are).

huh? said...

the first picture looks like the exact same windows / doors / panels that are up on some storefront on 1st ave, between st marks and 9th (or 9th and 10th, i forget.

are the two related? what's going in on that 1st ave storefront?

Anonymous said...

Living above Empellon Al Pastor is Hell. We can literally hear every song playing/ the bass resonates through our apartment....we even hear chefs cleaning up the ovens through our pillows.

What we saw on their approval from CB3 is definitely not what they're practicing. ie. They don't play quiet music. Nor did they soundproof (unless they got the legal loophole for using soundproof sheetrock) But that still doesn't cover the fact that our floor is full of vents that act like subwoofers themselves.

The manager lectured me on the "realities" of living above a restaurant in nyc.... though, I find that hard to believe.

Basically... I miss sushi lounge.