Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taqueria Lower East Side relocating to St. Mark's Place

Taqueria Lower East Side is one of the restaurant victims looking for new space after Ben Shaoul bought that East Houston and Orchard corner space.

Documents (PDF!) on file ahead of this month's CB3/SLA committee meeting show that the Taqueria folks bought the assets to 79 St. Mark's Place just west of First Avenue.

As BoweryBoogie reported, the committee unanimously approved the application on Monday evening. The restaurant will be known as Taqueria St. Mark's moving forward.


This means that:

• The color-challenged Saints Tavern, which became the unfortunately titled Kamikaze & Co. in June, will be closing.

• The East Village has yet another taco/taqueria option, joining newer arrivals such as Tacos Moreles on East Ninth Street... Sembrado’s Tacos al Pastor on East 13th Street ... Taqueria Diana on Second Avenue ... El Diablito Taqueria on East Third Street... Otto's Tacos on Second Avenue... and a relocated Oaxaca Taqueria on East Seventh Street.

• Taqueria St. Mark's is opening right next door to the well-established, well-liked neighborhood favorite La Palapa. Seems like a strange choice give all the available real estate around here.


Anonymous said...

Too many taco joints means too much competition and soon less taco joints. It's called over saturation and makes for a dull ass hood.

Anonymous said...

Too many taco joints means more competition which means let the best taco joint win. Frankly, I welcome this golden age of tacos we're living in. :-)

Walter said...

The old Holiday Lounge will also re-open as a bar/restaurant. This is gonna be a very competitive environment.

Walter said...

Forgot to add this link in my earlier comment:

Anonymous said...

five tacos on saint marks btwn first and A is relatively new too.

all these new joints, but its really hard to beat Paquito's, or downtown bakery II for a good mexican meal

Anonymous said...

Passing fancy, yesterday were dumplings, tacos today, who knows tomorrow.

F xAlso, the owner of that space l is notorious for flipping restaurants. Saints the buyer of Saints Tavern supposedly had reneged on the buy, but the owner get to keep the deposit of about $ 50, 000, and when the buyers defaulted, the owner turned it to that Japanese bar temporarily until he gets a new buyer, which is that taco joint

Anonymous said...

I still miss when Typhoon was in this spot. I don't know what came before it, but I always thought some of the decor looked like it was previously a Mexican/Southwestern spot.