Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Will this long-empty lot on 1st Avenue yield to affordable housing?

So, according to a tipster, there are preliminary plans in place to clear out this long-emtpy lot at 89 First Ave. between East Fifth Street and East Sixth Street.

The other day, there were several workers on site to offer an estimate about removing the trees.

And why? The woman who has owned the lot is apparently handing it over to her nephew, who has plans/aspirations to build a 7-floor residence that will provide affordable housing.

There is nothing on file yet with the city about such plans. So keep this in the rumor stage for now.

And for now enjoy the sculpture fence ...

The lot's owner, Florence Toledano, also owns the 2Bn2C sculpture garden on East Second Street.


Mark Hand The Catchman said...

I wonder what is the definition of "affordable" housing.. do you need to make $100-150K minimum like the affordable housing at the Barclays Center?
Oh its ok the rentals arent $3k a month only $2599.99 or COndos will be an affordable 1.7 million..pfft
Unless the nephew has a high moral center, rare these days, he will probably just sell the property to the highest bidder and it will be easier than dealing with city's construction regs.
And wait until any construction starts and the eventual bitchin' by bikers when construction will basically close that stretch of bike lane.

tom said...

Fence by Claire Kalemkeris and Johnny Swing with thanks to Linus-made at the good o'l 2B space

Anonymous said...

Yes what do they mean by affordable? Affordable for whom? I read recently that many dont meet the income/credit requirements for these types of apts. I know there are formulas based on the avg income of the area which is how people making 80k or more qualify. What is really needed is low income housing to get people out of the shelters.

Anonymous said...

Sure as of the East Village has a shortage of low income public housing yo begin with

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I've always hoped this space could be a community garden.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the newest scam will be used here as on Ave B for affordable co-op.
The rich kid gets a menial job ( probably at dads company) then applies for housing and gets in, then mom and dad pay cash for the joint. This is no better then the moms in the projects renting out the grown children's bedrooms for $800-$1000 a month. Again leaving the middle class stiches in the middle with no housing but fitting the bills....

Anonymous said...

Affordable housing is a euphemism for taxpayer-subsidized housing.
Before the criminal little welfare state took over under LB Jackass, there was a long history of privately financed housing rented to and even owned by people of modest incomes. Crime rates were lower because the owners and occupants had more inventive to keep their homes neat and in good repair--the broken window problem hadn't erupted yet. As long as the "man"
i.e. the government is taking care of the property, why should anyone care?

Bill the libertarian anarchist
and enemy of LB Jackass's monstrous legacy

Scuba Diva said...

Anon. 12:42 said:

What is really needed is low income housing to get people out of the shelters.

But what they really want is to buy these "useless eaters" a one-way ticket out of the city. Admit it.

Anonymous said...

East Village is saturated with low income housing beyond just the projects. Affordable housing is needed for the moderate income and retired seniors. It's time working class and middle class along with seniors living their lives down here had a government that did something besides empty their pockets.Affordable housing for moderate income can pay rent rolls that are sustainable whereas low income can not. Seniors should have a low income stake their income is fixed they spent a lifetime in this city working paying taxes they desire consideration.

Anonymous said...

Scuba Diva- you are referring to 'project reconnect' a program that gets people tickets out of town. If someone has family in another city/state who can take them in its a good option. Especially for single adults who are not local and have no family ion NYC to help them. I'm referring to the roughly 80% of shelter residents (around 43,000 people) who are women/children who are almost all NYC natives who need housing. This is never popular.

JJ McManus said...


DeBlasio has really sold out the Middle Class ... what a disgrace

He's just like Obama ... BS artists

robin said...

It's been a while since anyone posted a comment regarding this article, but I just found it while searching for Florence. Florence Toledano was a friend of my mother, Annette Friedlander, from Casablanca. Anonymous, if you are still in touch with her, will you please give her this message?--
Bonjour, Florence. Je pense a vous souvent. J'espere que tout va bien. Robin, la fille d'Annette.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

There is a crew clearing out the trees in this lot right now. I guess things are in motion.