Monday, March 7, 2016

Douglas Steiner's luxury condos growing up quickly on Avenue A and East 12th Street

Work is moving right along on Avenue A between East 11th Street and East 12th Street... site of Douglas Steiner's incoming luxury condos...

...looks as if the crew is just getting started on what will be the sixth floor ... in what is now expected to be a six-story residential building with 82 units, with the cheapies starting at $1.1 million. The amenities include a 50-foot-long pool, a spa, a gym, a library, parking and a landscaped courtyard and rooftop gardens.

The focus appears now to be on the East 12th Street side of the former Mary Help of Christians property...

And one day...

Rendering by Williams New York

From this aerial shot of the (now-demolished) Mary Help of Christians church, school, rectory and playground... you can see just how large this project is...

[Via Off the Grid]

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Anonymous said...

Please let them finish early. Every morning Monday - Saturday starts with so much noise. Today it was jack hammering non-stop. It's so disruptive.

Anonymous said...

They have been working pretty much around the clock as DOB keeps granting them after hours permits. Why DOB is doing this for lux housing is a mystery as generally after hours permits are for a hardship. Last I checked Steiner is doing okay. Is it true he lives in the hood?

Michael Ivan said...

The extended hours I believe are for the concrete work they are doing, you can't really stop at 6pm when there is wet concrete being worked. It sucks but is in some sense required. Now 7am and Saturdays? I can call horse#$%^ on that all day.

Anonymous said...

Mary Help Us indeed. Bad Karma Real Estate.

Anonymous said...

It's very sad that Mary Help of Christians is was the church for the Italians of the neighborhood --the nuns taught in Italian!

Shawn said...

I live next door. I hear people disparaging the construction on the street daily.

These types of East Villagers - essentially the 1%, are typically highly educated professionals who have places upstate and down south, and aren't usually around much on the weekends. There are always bad apples in the bunch, but if you see a real jerk in the neighborhood chances are really good they don't live here.

Also, these 1% folks are not the Associated Grocery types so I'm a tad curious as to where they're going to get their food. All the way down at Union Market? Up and over at the long lines Trader Joe's? 7-Eleven? LMFAO.

One wonders.

Lastly, the crush of high school students in the morning as well as the constant skateboarding and loitering will certainly make for interesting bedfellows.

I don't seem to recall too many million dollar condos right next to inner city schools in NYC. Are there some examples you can think of?