Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Do you need that open summons for, say, public urination, cleared from your record?

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Then do we have an event for you.

Via the EVG inbox...

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., the New York Police Department, the Office of Court Administration, the Legal Aid Society, and Grand Street Settlement announced the second “Clean Slate” event, an upcoming warrant forgiveness opportunity where New Yorkers with open summons warrants for qualifying crimes can have them cleared from their record, without fear of arrest.

The types of summons warrants that can be cleared at this event include:

· Disorderly Conduct

· Public Consumption of Alcohol

· Public Urination

· Littering

· Unlawful Possession of Marijuana

· Others, including some subway offenses

In addition to the outstanding warrant, the underlying summons can also be resolved at this event without fines or other penalties. The presiding judge will issue Adjournments in Contemplation of Dismissal, or ACDs, which require the recipient to avoid new arrests for six months, before the dismissal and sealing of his or her case. Warrants for felony or misdemeanor charges cannot be resolved at Clean Slate, but Legal Aid attorneys will be present to offer free legal advice in an effort to help individuals resolve such cases.

Despite the minor nature of the offenses, people with outstanding warrants can be arrested and placed in jail for 24 hours while they are they are processed through the system.

More than 700 New Yorkers came to the first Clean Slate event in November 2015 in Harlem, at which 409 summons warrants dating back almost 20 years were vacated.

Clean Slate will take place this Saturday, April 30, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Grand Street Settlement on 80 Pitt St., near Rivington Street.

Find a PDF with the Clean Slate FAQs here.



Is that... oh. Caption. Got it.

nygrump said...

Citizens have no easy way to know if there is govt paper out on them.

Spike said...

Is this one of those scams, where you show up thinking you are seeing a judge about your court case and instead in ends up being hall of fame yankees signing autographs??

Anonymous said...



Gojira said...

So basically all the offenses drunk white frat boys are likely to commit have now been de-listed, so there's nothing they can be held accountable for. Swell.

Anonymous said...

It's not a trap. I'm a Legal Aid lawyer, and we'll be there to advise. Nobody pas any fines, and the tickets get dismissed.

Anonymous said...

It IS a Trap. They do clear you of any past summonses and fines BUT should you owe the city $ on any other offense such as parking tickets or other moving violations that you may or may not know because you have now moved and didn't receive the tickets or maybe missed and forgotten payments to the city including CUNY student loans from 20 years ago, that's how they get you. Better to stay under the radar and let them do their job of hunting you down. And if or when they were able to hunt you down, you can bargain then. Otherwise, don't make it easier for these damn bureaucRATS.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:27
nope. they do not take any current pedigree info. they do not look up any civil things you might owe.

Some people might like staying under the radar, but for the vast majority of young people of color, who are consistently harassed by the police, its a really good thing not to have warrants outstanding when they stop you on a friday night for no good reason.