Friday, April 15, 2016

The tax man's taken all my dough

Celebrating Tax Day (Monday) with the Kinks.


Anonymous said...

love the kinks

Anonymous said...

Beatles #1
Stones #2
Kinks #3.
Go Ray davies!

JQ LLC said...

The great Ray Davies singing for the perpetual plight of the oligarch misers and their aversion to paying taxes. Great choice.

Bernie Tuesday. Layeth the smacketh down

Anonymous said...

In your dreams JQ. Try Clinton 57% Sanders 43% and I'm being kind.

Bernie may be king in hipster-millenial Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Western Bushwick, but he isn't jack outside of that. The rest of the city and state won't give him a victory. He barely hit upstate's big cities and their metro areas (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany) or campaigned in New York before that, and 27,000 people in and around Washington Square Park in a city of 8.5M, metro area of 20M is not impressive at all.

I don't see him polling big in the other four boroughs besides Brooklyn, Long Island, Orange/Rockland/Westchester/Dutchess/Putnam counties. He'll poll the best in Syracuse the whitest and most rural of the big upstate cities. He just isn't known very well in New York outside of the city.

Sanders was barely a name on or before last October 6th the deadline to become a Democrat to vote in this closed primary Tuesday. He has lost thousands of votes because his supporters didn't register Democrat and he didn't campaign to get them to switch which was downright stupid.