Monday, April 18, 2016

Retail space at historic 330 Bowery is for rent

Over at 330 Bowery (aka 54 Bond St.), the main retail space is now for rent inside the historic circa-1874 building at Bond Street.

RKF has the listing... no word on the rent for the three levels and 2,300 square feet...

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Last fall, a John Barrett luxury hair salon, which also sold vintage Rolex watches priced to $30,000, opened here at the former Bouwerie Lane Theater.

That didn't work out well for a variety of reasons. This location was supposed be the first of many John Barrett salons across the country, at least according to this piece I found earlier this year at WWD:

Barrett and Jim Hedges, his business partner and chief executive officer of John Barrett Holdings LLC, are out to reinvent the business model of the luxury salon — making it more inviting, more finely curated, more retail-driven — while laying the groundwork for a string of units across the U.S. and beyond.

The Bowery and Bond Street location ... opened in October, as Barrett’s first step onto the New York scene beyond his original base at Bergdorf Goodman. But it was beset by physical disruptions and unexpected delays like street construction outside the windows, 12 days without water and noise from a Con Ed generator, which made it difficult to recruit the high-level hairdressers they needed at the salon along with their clientele.

“It has been a slow start,” Hedges acknowledged. But six new stylists are starting this year and “we have every confidence,” he said.

In February, Barrett reportedly fired Hedges "in the midst of a crowd of 30 or 40 people at the Bergdorf Goodman salon."

Anyway, there isn't a shortage of available storefronts nearby, such as the former Environment Furniture space ... and PYT and SRO Pizza ... and Patricia Field ... and Tatyana Boutique.

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Giovanni said...

Welcome to The Bowery, where dreams come to die.

Gojira said...

Sure, because the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Bowery is $30,000 vintage Rolexes being flogged out of a pretentious "luxury" (there's that word again) "finely curated" (???) hair salon. What could be a more natural fit?!?

Oh yeah, a fabulous theater. Much better fit, so destined to disappear.

Anonymous said...

I should do consulting work for companies looking to get in on the nightlife and hipdom we call the Bowery. Fist piece of advice, don't open luxury stores or services here, there is and will probably never be the population to support it. Even luxury condo's going up on the LES will not be enough to keep Madison Ave quality boutiques afloat on the Bowery. Keep you flagship stores in Soho so tourists and gawk at the price tags then shop at H$M. Your failed and miscoded attempt will however keep landlords rolling in cash until suckers stop lining up to fail here. This is still the boulevard of broken dreams.

Michael Ivan said...

Considering the loaded tourists that stay at the standard and bowery hotel, i don't think it was a terrible location for rolexes and like $400 hair colorings.