Saturday, April 23, 2016

Last legs for East 7th Street street art

[Photo from November by Derek Berg]

Back in November, artist Ernest Zacharevic created this tribute to Lil Crazy Legs on East Seventh Street between Avenue A and First Avenue (next to Porchetta).

Now it's gone... buried under a tag last night... (the aerosol cans disappeared earlier...)

Zacharevic recreated photojournalist Martha Cooper's shots from the 1970s-80s around the city. Lil Crazy Legs — aka Richard Colón of the Bronx-based Rock Steady Crew from the early 1980s — is on the cover of her photo book "Hip Hop Files: Photographs 1979-1984."


Anonymous said...

Good. Keeping it real in the hood.
Hope someone gets knifed over this.

Anonymous said...

"my art is better than your art."

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

What an asshole.

Anonymous said...

I still see Lil

Anonymous said...

And the tagger's name is 2 Dicks?

Anonymous said...

Can't complain if you don't support Broken Windows. This is what non-punishment of offenders leads to. The city is also no great savior here either as just last week a city official went up to the Beer Store and asked the mural of Billy the Artist there be painted over grey because it is now part of the new historic district and doesn't fit with the historic vibe. The owner has so far resisted but the city will eventually force him to paint it grey and the wall will then be covered in tags.

Anonymous said...

Broken Windows Schmoken Windows. Most taggers never got busted even once.

Enough with the murals.

You can't give the tagger shit for defacing a mural when the little kid depicted in the mural defaced property and probably would've defaced a mural if given the chance.

The mural glorifying a property defacer is okay, but defacing that mural is not, got it.

What's even funnier is x amount of people would shit a brick if a kid like this was still running around the EV doing what he does, only with a BOSE pill or some shit LOL.