Monday, April 18, 2016

Time to get Sugared and Bronzed on 4th Avenue

Back in February, we noted that a branch of the Southern California-based Sugared+Bronzed salon was opening this spring at 114 Fourth Ave. at East 12th Street.

This location, the first in NYC for Sugared+Bronzed, opened on Friday.

For now, they are offering opening deals on airbrush tans and sugaring, which is a process where a technician uses a water-soluble sugar paste to extract unwanted hairs. Sources close to Sugared+Bronzed say that sugaring is much better than waxing. For unwanted hairs.

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You will soon be able to get sugared and bronzed on 4th Avenue (16 comments)


Anonymous said...

Sugaring? Oh, how did we get along without that? It's what my life has been missing! NOT.

Anonymous said...

I was born delicious, no sugaring needed.

DrBOP said...

Commando air-brush sugaring?

THAT could become a thing!