Friday, April 22, 2016

New plans for a 6-story building at 253 E. 7th St.

[Photo from November by Daniel Root]

A demolition crew reduced the former four-story residence at 253 E. Seventh St. between Avenue C and Avenue D into a lot of rubble late last year.

Meanwhile, plans for a 6-story building with six residences never met with city approval.

Now the developer, BSD Realty, has filed new plans for the property. As New York Yimby first reported yesterday, the developers filed new plans this week with Issac & Stern Architects designing the project — another 6-story, 6-residential building with a penthouse... "its units should average a spacious 1,498 square feet apiece, indicative of condominiums." (Ramy Issac of Issac and Stern is well-known for many East Village projects, including 100 Avenue A and 154 Second Ave... and various penthouses.)

As we noted in February, the address is for sale. The listing is still active at the E Property Group website. Among the options here, per the listing: "Your dream custom mansion townhouse." But it looks as if a residential building is the plan.

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[Image from 2014 via Massey Knakal]


Anonymous said...

That block, among a few on the LES, has tremendous historical significance. (And much has been written on it.) None of those buildings should be taken down. What this realty corp did is criminal, and should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

It was evil. And it's too late now.

Anonymous said...

LPC is too busy pearl-clutching and drafting the 4th expansion to the park slope historic district to give a fuck about anything outside their own backyards. EV is too poor to deserve protections and if you dont like it then move to a $5k a month apartment in one of their buildings.