Saturday, April 30, 2016

Learn the difference between the Marble cemeteries this weekend

[New York City Marble Cemetery on 2nd Street this spring]

Both of the cemeteries will be open to the public...

New York City Marble Cemetery, East Second Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

• Sunday, May 1
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

New York Marble Cemetery, Second Avenue between Second Street and Third Street

• Saturday, April 30
Noon to 4 p.m.

• Sunday, May 1
Noon to 4 p.m.




Anonymous said...

One word a difference makes!

p.s. They are both pretty cool in that they provide some much needed green space.

Jim Markowich said...

Both are fascinating. The New York City Marble Cemetery contains a grave for a man named Preserved Fish!

It would be great if there were also access to the underground vaults on this weekend. I wonder if they'll ever consider that.

Anonymous said...

@1:18pm: If you consider the liability issues involved, you'll realize why there will likely never be access to the vaults.

Also, I don't imagine there's much room down in a vault - enough to get a coffin (19th century size) down a set of steps and onto a shelf, but not designed for "tour groups" - and further, can you imagine modern "visitors" damaging someone's vault (as in: graffiti tags, taking some bit of wood or whatever "as a souvenir", or other vandalism, etc.)?

If I had family buried there, I'd never allow public access to the family vault.

DrBOP said...


Marble against marble, slab against slab. The excitement builds for the "Vein Comp Rumble"; and the "Marble Slam" where the words can CRUSH you. The "It's Not My Vault" Monuments To Comedy contest is at noon; while the closing ceremonies will feature The Artist Formerly Known As Marble (too soon?) bringing the festivities to the perfect marble head.

It's gonna be MARBLELICIOUS!

Anonymous said...

> the liability issues involved

...inhaling mummy dust, vampires lurking in the corners, tripping over bones, bats and rats, being 'accidentally' walled up, spiders and their webs, odious vapours - just to name a few!