Friday, April 15, 2016

This is what's happening around here for Record Store Day 2016

The action starts tomorrow morning...

Academy LPs, 415 E. 12th St. between First Avenue and Avenue A

Good Records NYC, 218 E. Fifth St. between the Bowery and Second Avenue

Saturday is Record Store Day but we are putting out incredible stuff all week for our core customers so don't snooze!

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Other Music, 15 E. Fourth St. between Broadway and Lafayette

We're burning the midnight oil in order to get ready for Record Store Day. See you Saturday at 10AM!

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Turntable Lab, 120 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue

A-1 Records, 439 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and First Avenue

I think I'm buying this.

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There are also some Record Store Day happenings at In Living Stereo on Great Jones at Broadway. Details here.

Find the official Record Store Day website here ... and the list of special Record Store Day releases here...


Anonymous said...

These days, people who buy records are like people who attend Star Trek conventions, in the sense that they're a small, overly-devoted, cult. There's nothing wrong with collecting records, just as there's nothing wrong with collecting stamps. I wonder why there isn't a stamp day, or Civil War medal day?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder why there isn't a stamp day or Civil War medal day"

I wonder why also. Maybe you should start those up.

nygrump said...

Anon 7:17 - Your insecure need to demean people is kind of pathetic, and couldn't be further from the truth. Vinyl buyers have chosen how to consume their music. They aren't following the pod people with their corporate digital fetish over the cliff. They choose to physically own their music, not rent it. And they enjoy a very high quality of sound. You may enjoy your downloads and that is fine, but it is sad you need to feel some kind of superiority. As for stamp collectors, there are stamp shows in the area every weekend. The huge international show at Javitts is coming up next month. And when I play a record, it doesn't create a data stream for the corporations and intelligence agencies unlike your downloads and streams. MOst of the vinyl I buy comes with a download slip so I can enjoy the convenience that provides, but I don't think I'm surperior to you because I like records. I do think my new matt valentine 7" is fucking sweet

Anonymous said...

nygrump, Your response to Anonymous 7:17 sounds overly defensive. I didn't get the sense that s/he was acting superior to anyone. I also wonder why there is a national day to promote the purchase of an outdated medium.

Anonymous said...

News came out this week about the continued growth in vinyl sales:

The vinyl resurgence in recent years has been surprising to be sure, but in 2015, it jumped another unexpected hurdle. U.S. vinyl sales outpaced ad-supported, freemium streaming over the past year.
According to a new report from the RIAA, vinyl sales grew 32 percent to $416 million in 2015 — their highest since 1988. In comparison, revenue from advertising on free-tier streaming services like Spotify and YouTube only grew 31 percent to $385 million.

Read More: Don't Call It a Comeback: U.S. Vinyl Sales Made More Money Than Free Streaming in 2015 |

Anonymous said...

Ad revenue and record sales are two different things.

But, if vinyl sales increase only a little bit, their percentage increase will be higher, because their starting point is so much lower. If you sell one record in 2015 and two records in 2016, you have a 100% increase. If you sell a million CDs in 2015 and 1.1 million in 2016, your increase is only 10%.

The Vinyl Countdown said...

Speaking of Vinyl, that show on HBO is really boring. Hopefully they will kill off Richie Finestra in the finale on Sunday, then we can all get ready for Game of Thrones.

Anonymous said...

Hey, VC -- Vinyl is a guilty pleasure... perhaps dull in parts? I'm waiting for dialogue that won't be spoken. It's lots of repeats (arguments, heads thrown back, etc.)It's a soap opera with a good soundtrack and fabulous fashions... heard they got renewed. It's worth it to see how they handle portrayals of the famous and infamous...ahem...

The Vinyl Countdown said...

@9:05 AM You're right Vinyl is a guity pleasure, but way too many people are hate-watching a show that should have been so much better in terms of the writing and plotline. What's weird about the show on the music side is how they are almost making fun of or dismissing so much of the artists and music from back then, like all the asides about Donny Osmond, they way they use Karen Carpenter music, the fat joke about Mama Cass, the creepy Joshua Tree reference by Gram Parsons. They even had Zak yelling at Elvis in Las Vegas during a live performance, and Richie punching Andy Warhol in the nose and not getting arrested.

It's almost like Vinyl thinks it's cooler than the artists and musicians of the past, but none of those artists was as bad as the derivative crap we have today (ahem Justn Bieber, Jeff Koons). Instead of celebrating some of the greatest music ever made they just do a tabloid scene with John Lennon dating May Pang, use Here Comes The Sun just to make a throwaway joke, Richie dismisses Springsteen as not commercial enough etc.

These must be the worst record producers in history, and it's definitely one of the biggest letdowns in HBOs history. I'll be tuning in Sunday night just to see if they can rescue any of these people before the Titanic goes down.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Record Store Day. Overpriced vinyl, people who buy it only to flip it on Ebay, RSD has co-opted underground music culture, doesn't support unsigned bands e.g. where's the RSD release of one of them, or does the band have to be on a label? Opportunists who probably shit on vinyl in the '90s in favor of $18.99 in 1993 cds at Tower Records. I remember you! And I hit record stores for vinyl, tapes, and occasionally cds every day or most days of the week. You? Probably wacking off to Nevermind, Ten, or whatever MTV spoonfed you.