Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We can now project that the polls have closed

[Voting at the Theater for the New City via Grant Shaffer]

It's just after 9, and the polls are now closed on this primary day.

Readers reported mostly problem-free trips to the polling places.

So while we hand count the votes, here are a few random primary-related photos ...

[Bernie at the Bean via Nicolina]

[Photo via @milanos_bar_nyc]


Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is a low class sore loser old fuck.

Now he's crying about how independents couldn't vote in the primary and if they had he'd have won.

Bullshit. Take your trouncing like a man, besides that you had NO/ZERO/NADA/ZIP/ZIPPO HIPPO ground game to mobilize Independents to register as Democrats in closed primary states including in New York. Too busy running your mouth about Wawl Street and Da One Pah-cent. Did Hillary say you won all those western states because they're mostly white and caucuses? No, so STFU about your humilating defeat. The mostly white counties in New York including the ones on the NY-VT border you won couldn't save your ass - it's called New York is a diverse state, not a mostly white state (and spare me "Hawaii" which barely has any black or Latino people.)

First off he lost EVERY NYC borough including his hometown Brooklyn AND Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, and the East Village (LOL), and barely won East Williamsburg. Even the hipster enclaves didn't want him or barely wanted him. The biggest LOL of all is that he lost Williamsburg, Hipster Capital USA by 75 votes.

Second off if his registered Independent supporters had any fuckin' brains they'd have taken their eyes off their iPhone 5/6/7 (whatever the fuck), turned off the phone, turned on the lap/desktop and printer, and taken and less than five minutes out of their precious time away from Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, and overall narcissitic, self-absorbed to go to the NYC Board Of Elections website, download and print a NYC voter registration form, fill it out where you check off "Democrat", then mail the form with their new party affiliation to the NYC Board Of Elections.

Last if you don't know what a closed primary is, that New York has a closed primary, and you're too fucking stupid to do something which literally costs a sheet of paper, some printer and pen ink, an envelope, a stamp, and less than five minutes of your time, it is YOUR FAULT. I don't wanna hear "I didn't know I had to do switch to Democrat." Yes you did and you didn't do your duty as a Sanders supporter or if you truly didn't know, you should've known. Democratic Primary means only Democrats can vote not Republicans including Trumpsters who would only vote for Sanders to prevent Clinton from running against and demolishing their unelectable idiot.

Shame on you for being so uninformed. And fuck "last" I'm not done yet.

Chelsea, Is That You? said...

@1:19AM How's that anger management therapy coming along? FYI Bernie won almost every county upstate, Hillary won the bigger cities including NYC. Spoiler Alert: NY is her "home" state (although she has several of them). Hillary was supposed to win NY by a mile and it wasn't even supposed to be this close. Bernie is tied with her nationally in the polls and he has closed the gap in every race. Remember when Bernie trounced her in Vermont? Trounced. It was 86% Bernie to 13% for Hillary. She shrugged it off as no big deal.

Bernie did great, this is a state with a closed primary. Had it been open Bernie probably wins big with independent and crossover votes and goes on to win the nomination. Due to our voter rules even Donald Trump's kids couldn't vote for their own father. So give us all a break with the diatribe, it's just an election, not a mid-life crisis.

Anonymous said...

So much for being nonpartisan, EVG.

Anonymous said...

Personally, would love it if the US transformed its values to Bernie-style. But unlikely.

IMO neither Bernie or Hillary are perfect - they each have flaws.

But this is what I don't get...

As others have noted, Bernie has an anti-corporatism platform.

How is that millennials - who are attached to smartphones, cheap corporate food such as Chipotle, Meltshop etc, compulsive cheap clothes at corporate chain stores, instant delivery etc enabled by underpaid workers etc - believe in Bernie when, as a demographic, millennials actually are completely materialistic and unquestioningly support a corporate world that depends on the exploitation of poor people and low-wage workers, whether food delivery workers here or exploited workers overseas making phones or cheap clothing?


Anonymous said...

A sad day for the Berners. Look! Rolled ice cream!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how low the voter turnout actually is in a city of 10 million+, Just over 100,000 Republican votes, and just over 1 million Democratic votes. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chelsea, Is That You?

Um, "it wasn't even supposed to be this close?" HUH? 58% to 42% is a beating plain and simple, and Sanders' only saving grace is once again rural whites. Yeah, he won all the rural white counties, cuz that's the main demographic who cares about him besides mostly white people under 30. Your point about him winning Vermont 86% to 13%? You're right, losing Vermont wasn't a big deal to Clinton because she knew she was losing that state. Bernie losing New York is a very big deal. New York was his other home state besides Vermont since ya know, he's from NY more specifically NYC, even more specifically than that Brooklyn. This was his last big state to win and he flopped miserably - he blew it. Again he couldn't even win his home borough. Fuck the national polls. Clinton has an enormous lead in the popular vote and total delegates (pledged and superdelegate, the latter Sanders is not taking a single one of from Clinton.) The only states Sanders will win from hereonin are in Oregon, Montana, and the Dakotas. Clinton has 1930 total delegates according to RealClearPolitics.com. There are 625 total delegates up for grabs before June 7 including 384 of them on April 26. I think she will win at least 419 or two thirds of them which would give her 2349 electoral votes before June 7. She might even get the 2383 delegates required for the nomination before June 7.

Had the primary been open Bernie would've won big? Puh-leeze. More sore loser talk. Yeah, he'd have had X amount of Republicans who don't want to vote for Trump to skew the vote. If he would've won New York if it were an open primary, then Clinton would've won Michigan and Wisconsin it they were closed primaries - how ya like dem apples? Btw Sanders has not cornered the market on Independents.

8:46am City of 10+ million people? Try about 8.5M million but I hear you, voter turnout is pathetic. Good for Bernie that it is cuz he'd have been beaten even worse considering most NYC people who don't vote are non-white (see the five mayoral elections before the last one where we got a white suckup to the rich and a rich guy.)


Anonymous said...

I ask myself that question every day 7:51am.

Most of his millenial nd/or hipster followers are fake revolutionaries and/or people who want more free shit to go with their free music, movies, and apps.

Gojira said...

@7:51 AM, it's called hypocrisy. And no matter how much millennials like to pretend they're more hip, virtuous and tuned in than the rest of us, they usually choose the path of least resistance, hence their slavish devotion to corporate chain offerings. Less work than actually trying to seek out a smaller, better alternative, which they've convinced themselves they've done by supporting a guy who could basically promise them birthday parties with unicorns on the moon, after which they'd fall all over themselves cheering him on. Reality really doesn't hold much sway in their world...

Anonymous said...

It's like when people watch the Super Bowl or the Oscars not because they are interested, but because it's THE thing to do that night. Same with these kids. It's just a reason to do arts and crafts in park and pretend they give a shit about something for those fleeting moments they aren't transposing their faces onto a lobster in Snapchat.

Anonymous said...


Because many of their career and job prospects were retarded, if not outright destroyed, by the Great Recession? They actually learned something from that bumblefark, something that Congress and almost all candidates for the Presidency cannot say.

While the Baby Boomers (and old Gen X) can rely on their cheap education, rent-controlled/cheap real estate and Medicare.

/Gen X, but not blind to the realities that young people face and the bad hand they have been dealt because of largesse and greed.

Anonymous said...

too much hate on this thread. props to everyone who voted, whatever their reasons and whoever they voted for!! I'd rather see turnout than apathy any day.

Anonymous said...

Oh please 12:20pm. The economy was in the shitter in the late '80s and '90s and young people still spent money.

'Say you're 27 today and you graduated college in 2011. You had WAYYYY more opportunities for work than I did in 1991 by virtue of having the internet help you find work, so spare me they're these poor, lost frugal people. They're self-entitled, self absorbed, narcissistic cheap bastards who have killed art as a means to make a living.

There are many BBs and GXs who are financially fucked. GX doesn't get Medicare and very few have rent control or real estate. Education was never cheap unless you attended CUNY in the '60s (free.)

Life wasn't free and easy for the 27 year old Baby Boomer in 1973, ok? Not in this city. You really have no clue how economically rough it was here in the '70s do you? 1973 NYC wasn't the hyper-expensive place 2016 NYC is but good luck finding work. Whatever was in the newspaper and in the window was what was out there for jobs. Ditto for the '80s. Real life wasn't an episode of Dallas, Dynasty, or Thirtysomething. You of all people should know that.

Not so fast... said...


Yeah...NO...because the deadline to change voter affiliation happened to be BEFORE Sanders declared his candidacy.

Arcane NYC rules win the day and we may conclude that THE FIX IS IN.

It was a dirty win for Clinton, predicated on distortions of Sanders' record, lying about her own record, and massive voter fraud.

Also, the Democratic Party will act in its own interests at the end of the day. If Sanders and his supporters keep the momentum going, if he is undeniably the people's choice, the party might not be inclined to risk a major rift that could provide a huge opening for the Republicans. In that case, they will do again what they did in 2008 and throw Clinton under the bus and give the more popular candidate the nomination.

Also we haven't heard yet from the FBI concerning Clinton's mishandling of sensitive emails. If Comey's Bureau is as above the political fray as he claims, there could be bad news in store for Clintonites, and good news for Sanders supporters.

Gojira said...

@Not so fast - there's a very good reason why it's called the DEMOCRATIC primary. Why no animus because only Republicans can vote in the REPUBLICAN primary?

Anonymous said...

The fix is not in as New York has had a closed primary for years. Your candidate just didn't execute a ground game to get people to switch to Democrat in time.

Your candidate had his typical showing: He won the rural, mostly white vote and X% of the under 30 vote because those are the two main groups he appeals to.

The win was fair and square, there was no voter fraud, Clinton has not lied about her record or distorted Bernie's, and you are a sore loser who sounds like an anti-Clinton Trump supporter. Keep dreaming if you think the DNC will award Sanders the Democratic nomination when most of his victories have been rural, mostly white, caucus states and he is a socialist, a communist sympathizer, an atheist, and a far left lunatic with no clue about HOW to execute his WHAT.

Give it a fucking rest with the emails. No one but pseudo-Trumplings like you, Republicans, and other Hillary Haters gives a shit. Clinton will DEMOLISH Sanders then Trump and the Democratic party will have control of all three branches of government plus the Supreme Court no thanks to Sanders who is an infiltrator in the Democratic Party. He's Ralph Nader II. He's a fucking scumbag and anyone who doesn't vote for Clinton in November is a Trump supporter. Bye.

Pseudo-Trumpling?? Nice coinage, but not quite! said...

I couldn't help but notice, Clinton didn't cosponsor a single gun-control bill while in the Senate. Apparently she thinks gun control should be effected by tort lawyers suing law-abiding business owners. She refers to this as a "common sense" measure.

I'm a lifelong Democrat, not a Trump supporter at all. I campaigned for Bill in '92 and voted for Hillary in '08. But in my view, now she is a political dinosaur, having been exposed as a bought politician and a crooked campaigner.

Help me understand what's so great about her. Please name some important initiatives or public policies she has carried out successfully while in office - OTHER than advancing her own career and burnishing her own resume and increasing her own net worth and that of her cronies. Honestly, because I'm having a hard time thinking of even one.

Bottom line for me is, I can't have total party loyalty the way one is loyal to a perennially losing sports team -- this is not a game and the stakes are too high. The country needs to reorder its priorities top to bottom, and Sanders is the only candidate seriously proposing to do that (other than Trump whose ineptness seems guaranteed). Putting health care and education in a different category from ordinary for-profit enterprises, as is done in most of the developed world, does not a "Communist" make. A lot of people agree with me.