Sunday, April 24, 2016

Feet don't fail me now

[East 4th Street]

[1st Avenue]

[The Bowery]

[Tompkins Square Park]

Photos by Derek Berg...

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Anonymous said...

Walking barefoot on the pavement: gross. Imagine if she did that in 1987-92 with all the crack needles everywhere.

Uh take the pole vaulting back to University Of ____________. So sick of this college in NYC bullshit.

I gotta say NYC is a city of mostly decent people cuz I guarantee some asshole would pop those balloons in some other city.

Anonymous said...


Residents of most cities (if not all) in the US are pretty decent. So no, people probably wouldn't pop those balloons "in some other city."

Time to travel a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I walked barefoot on St. Mark's Place in 1968 - I was in Manhattan for an event on a nice summer's day, and my shoes gave me such horrible blisters that I simply took them off and walked barefoot until it was time to get back on the subway. AND I'm still alive to talk about it!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was mostly crack VIALS. But I wouldn't have wanted to step on those either.

Grammar Police Civilian Review Board said...


Crack kills but a little metalepsis never hurt anyone!

Anonymous said...

Time you got a clue about other cities, 12:15pm.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love hearing that while in Manhattan for an event your feet gave you blisters. I, too, used to visit NYC and get blisters. Because I'd always want to look my coolest - and that meant new shoes. Now that I live here I make a point of looking at the outfits of anybody using a paper map here (guaranteed tourist)... And sure enough: always wearing brand new shoes! Mine? Eternally dusty-grey (no idea how they get THAT bad - am I stepping on my own toes?!).