Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Here's the sidewalk bridge-free corner of 9th Street and 1st Avenue — and the 122 Community Center

[Photos by Steven]

The northeast corner of First Avenue and Ninth Street is finally free of the sidewalk bridge. Workers finished removing it yesterday.

The gut renovation — including the addition of an elevator, new stairwells and full ADA compliance — started in February 2013 at the 122 Community Center.

The Department of Cultural Affairs owns the building, and Deborah Berke Partners designed the overhaul of the former public school to better house four arts groups and one community-service organization.

I'm not sure now when everyone, such as PS122, are expected to return to the building. PS122 has been presenting performances from other venues the past four years; its temporary offices are in Greenpoint. (PS122 opened in the space in 1980.)

Eventually, this is what the final product will look like...

[Deborah Berke Partners]

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Anonymous said...

To bad it seems impossible to stop the graffiti assholes from tagging every inch of the exterior.

Anonymous said...

I am so used to that sidewalk bridge that I think I will be getting lost now.

Pinch said...

Came out looking good (length of construction/renovation time not withstanding)...and what a difference for that corner with the removal of the shed.