Friday, August 11, 2017

Let's talk about rats (some more)

Via the EVG inbox...

Neighborhood rat reduction plan

A public info session with Q-&-A

Aug. 15, 6:30 pm
East Village Community School at 610 E. 12th St., between Avenues B and C.

Join senior officials and experts from the Health, Sanitation, Parks Departments and NYCHA to learn about:
-New state of the art trash cans in your community
-New investments in NYCHA developments to prevent rats
-More frequent trash pickup
-Better Waste Management Practices for Landlords or Enforcement of rat-related violations by landlords

Co-sponsored by: Borough President Gale A. Brewer, U.S. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, State Senator Brad Hoylman, State Senator Daniel Squadron, Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh, Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou, Council Member Rosie Mendez, Council Member Margaret S. Chin, and Community Board 3.


Andy said...

Overall this is good. Who doesn't want less rats? The proposal most likely to affect your average resident is to change the time that garbage can be put on the curb from 4pm the day before pickup to 4am on the day of.

Anonymous said...

The Solution: Switch from plastic garbage bags heaped on the sidewalk to steel trash cans with lids. No rats and no extra plastic in the environment.

Behrens steel trash cans cost $19.98 at Lowe's. The one I ordered on-line arrived within 3 days.

Anonymous said...

If only the city would require landlords to have rat proof trash cans in the EV we would have fewer rats. But instead they allow landlords to have cheap plastic cans whose covers fall off and holes are chewed through the bottoms. Instead of trash collectors these things become rat feeders.