Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Report: 4th Street spa busted for alleged prostitution

Apparently Nie's Service Center was servicing more than feet and backs at 125 E. Fourth St.

DNAinfo reports that the spa between First Avenue and Second Avenue was busted for alleged prostitution.

According to a lawsuit filed last week by the city, cops went undercover here four times last March and April.

In two of those instances, parlor workers agreed to perform massage services without the required license, and in the other two they agreed to have sex with undercover officers in exchange for cash, the suit states.

An undercover officer who visited the spa on April 20 and 25 agreed with a female employee to pay $40 for a 30-minute massage and $120 for sexual intercourse, according to an affidavit attached to the lawsuit. He left the spa before she could perform either.


The lawsuit names the building's commercial space and its owner, Cashew Associates, L.P., as defendants as well as the unnamed spa operators, identified only as "John Doe" and "Jane Doe."

It accuses the defendants of creating both a public nuisance and a criminal nuisance, demanding they each pay $1,000 for every day they allowed the public nuisance to continue and for the court to shutter the space for a year.

A hearing is scheduled for today. The spa is currently closed.

There is also a lone Yelp review for Nie's. And the one-star review is everything one can hope for in a Yelp review:

This is the low rent massage place I sometime go for walk-ins because it's so convenient. There have been times the tables were a bit ripe but... it's so cheap! I tried to get in & was told I'd have a half hour wait, so I went outside again & talked to a couple neighbors. They told me a story about the place!

Neither had ever been there, but about a month ago some crazy guy had tried to leave without paying. A little Chinese lady had him in a headlock. One of my friends went to help and then another. A struggle was described. The guy took a shit on the floor! The cops came & brought him away. My friend said, "After all that, they NEVER have made eye contact and even waved, nodded or said thanks."

I went back just past the half hour I was told I'd need to wait, was ushered to a table and took off my clothes. Some guy a sheet over was moaning like a douchebag. Now... I could've really used that massage. My right shoulder and wrist are all balled up. But the lady asked him if he wanted more time and he did! She said she was sorry and I answered that I wished she'd told me before I took my clothes off.

The most annoying part was that three times I went to get my glasses and iPhone (diversion) and three times one of those bitches came in, told me to lay down (like a dog) and picked up & put down the timer like they were ready to start.


Anonymous said...

I guess a customer was rubbed the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

I guess it wasn't a happy ending for the Yelper and 4th St. Spa.

Anonymous said...

No big surprise here. So many of these places offer something off the regular menu. But the real problem is that the "workers" are forced into this life through human trafficking and illegal immigration. This is the real story and a very sad one indeed. Especially since it seems overlooked while the up front part of the story makes the news.

Anonymous said...

No mention of human trafficking or exploitation of women or illegal immigration? I guess you just make jokes and move on eh? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am shocked, just shocked that these places offer more than just a massage. Next they will tell us that the other thirty foot rub places in the four block radius offer more than foot rubs!!

Anonymous said...

We can make jokes about happy ending and what not..but the real story behind these masseuses is prob really sad.

Giovanni said...

I knew a married guy who used to go to these rub joints after work. He thought he was hving safe sex because they only used their hands. He got a rash which he passed onto his newborn baby. Turns out it was scabies, and the poor kid got the rash all over his face. Needless to say his wife was not happy at all and quickly filed fo divorce. There was no happy ending this time.

Anonymous said...

eh... scabies is a mite... you can get it from contact. Could have just got it from a subway seat. His fault for not having a good story

Anonymous said...

Dang. Self-righteous indignations. We might as well complain about the unfair labor practices and harsh conditions at working at the supplier and assembly of Apple, the most likey device you're making your self-righteous indignations.