Thursday, August 3, 2017

The former Shoolbred's space is for rent on 2nd Avenue

[Photos from early July]

Shoolbred's, the upscale, Scottish-style pub, closed at 197 Second Ave. back in June after nine-plus years in business.

Robert Morgan, one of the bar's owners, blamed the closure on "egregious rents."

The storefront between 12th Street and 13th Street is now on the market.

Per the listing (PDF here):

Coldwell Banker Reliable Commercial Division is pleased to present approximately 1,600 SF of ground floor retail space plus basement space for lease i... Nearby tenants include a mix of medical tenants such as Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital and New York University Langone, national tenants such as IHOP and KFC and numerous neighborhood fixtures such as Momofuku, Milk Bar and Village East Cinema. Suitable uses include, but are not limited to food and bar, professional office and retail.

Asking rent: $18,500 (the lease term is 60 months).

This address was home until 2007 to Jade Mountain, home of the great Chow Mein sign.

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Anonymous said...

Please, oh please....let it be a Chinese Restaurant again....a real one. Not the dumplings noodles hotpot thing that is so trendy today.

Anonymous said...

Nahh.JAde Mountain kinda sucked you know.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to this bar, but it does seem that there is a rapid change along 2nd Ave. This is the 3rd 2nd Ave long-time business to close in as many weeks. What business is next?

Anonymous said...

Who would want the pressure of making over a $25k+ monthly nut (rent + wholesale booze, insurance, staff wages, security costs). And then if you could stomach that pressure, how do you clear a salary for the proprietor to provide for themselves and or family?

I guess certain nightlife entrepreneurs and restaurateurs can do it, but these prices just means the exodus of casual cool will continue in the EV.

Anonymous said...

To be replaced by...empty storefronts. No matter how many high end and/or trendy bars, restaurants or foodie shops start up, there's a limit to how many tourists,students and weekenders can support.

Anonymous said...

@11:01am: That's your opinion. OTOH, I enjoyed many, many good meals from Jade Mountain, and Reggie ALWAYS had a smile & an encouraging word (which was especially meaningful for me at the end of a tough day at work).

Jade Mountain was a family-run business where they knew everyone, and it was a beacon of comfort to a LOT of us. I miss it still.

Anonymous said...

It's actually kind of funny (or is it ironic?) that a bar owner would complain about "egregious rent", given the price of beer/drinks in this city.

I don't think people own bars out of a sense of altruism, and the ones who owned this one also own a bunch of others, so I presume they're raking in the $$ pretty reliably. Not the same situation as, for instance, Stage having to close and putting a family out of their livelihood.

Anyway, IMO, "egregious rent" would be suitable karmic payback for bars being associated with Santacon. If we can get rid of the bars, and only have banks, drug stores, and coffee places, maybe the drunk Santas would go elsewhere. (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

Anonymous said...

What a douchy, gaudy sign.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. That was a favorite hangout for the D-list social media tumblrer "celebrities".

Anonymous said...

I liked Jade Mountain..good food and nice people.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

I loved this bar. Very cozy and great staff. Another loss for the neighborhood.