Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Living Gallery Outpost is a new exhibition and event space on 4th Street

[Image via Facebook]

The empty storefront at 246 E. Fourth St. (on the ground-level of the colorful tenement on the corner of Avenue B) has been transformed into a community/gallery space.

The Living Gallery Outpost is an offshoot of the Living Gallery, the Bushwick-based event and exhibit space. Here's more about the Living Gallery and what to expect on Fourth Street (via the Living Gallery website):

The Living Gallery BK was founded in 2012 by artist Nyssa Frank as a welcoming place where artists and creators could manifest their dreams into reality. Since then the venue has hosted art shows, film screenings, spoken word nights, concerts, community events and much more. It was there that the now married couple Joseph Meloy and Alexandria Hodgkins first met. It was their dream to someday open a similar space but they assumed it would have to be someplace outside the city and when they were older and had more financial stability.

The Outpost will have a similar model to the original Bushwick location but with a slant for intimate and special events.

The first event is Sunday with an event called B.Y.O. Art!

Other ongoing events include a vinyl listening party the third Tuesday of every month... plus...

Find more info on the Outpost here. The small space is also available to rent for pop-up shops, exhibits and workshops. Details here.


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WooHooW ~ great to hear & see, will stop by !!!!
The building is also Soooo cool !