Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Today in Citi Bike, noosa yoghurt combo freebies

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Citi Bike will be free to all in New York City on August 2 [ed note: today!], thanks to an innovative partnership between noosa yoghurt, a thick and velvety combination of tart and sweet unlike any other yoghurt brand, and Citi Bike.

Riders can beat the summer heat and power up in between rides at noosa yoghurt sampling events and breakfast bars located throughout Manhattan.

The free ride day is the marquee event in a summer-long partnership between noosa yoghurt and Citi Bike. noosa installed its branding at 40 Citi Bike stations throughout the system in June, which will remain through September 3 to bring its delicious, farm fresh yoghurt from the Colorado mountains to the streets of New York City.

New Yorkers and visitors who want to take advantage of the free ride day can sign up through the Citi Bike app, where they will receive a free code to use at any dock in the service area for a half-hour at a time. The noosa Free Day Pass in the app will expire at 11:59 pm on August 2nd.

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone else tired of being "sold to" by these fucking corporations? Here's an idea Citi yogurt assholes send some money to the poor either in this country of somewhere it is desperately needed for survival not just to make people that already have too much have a "funner" summer.