Monday, November 13, 2017

A look at Icon Realty's 9th Street building where the rentals are $30k a month

The two residential units at Icon Realty's 327 E. Ninth St. have been on the market (per Streeteasy) for the past month.

So far, no takers for the rentals here between First Avenue and Second Avenue at this site of a former parking lot.

The listing notes that this building — nearly five years in the making, somehow — is "Redefining the Townhouse Experience."

Here's part of the pitch:

Designed by Isaac & Stern Architects with interiors by Paris Forino, this brand-new building was designed with a traditional limestone facade that stands as a new classic, elegantly utilizing modern finishes that establish a new contemporary elegance, raising the benchmark for luxury living in the East Village.

Both beautifully appointed residences offer open layouts and a transitional aesthetic featuring a light color palette which has been highlighted by radiant heated White Appalachian Oak Floors and Christopher Peacock Kitchens with luxurious Italian Arabescato Marble countertops and backsplashes.

Bathrooms feature Dornbracht fixtures adorned with Zebrino Marble.

Both residences feature outstanding private outdoor experiences with private balconies on each floor, a private expansive roof deck and multiple landscaped private patio spaces with copper trimmed LED perimeter lighting and full outdoor kitchens.

And photos...

The quadruplex and the triplex are asking $30,000 per month (with one month free on a year-long lease). Also, there is no fee.

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Gojira said...

That is a gorgeous building on the outside. The interiors, meh. Strange juxtaposition between the classic exterior and a cold, sterile interior.

Anonymous said...

This looks very high quality although no different than any new "luxury"condo development. But it is too high end for rentals no matter what neighborhood. My guess is it was developed as condos but with the high end softened they decided to opt for a rental. Unless of course they are laundering oligarch money in which case resale may no be a sound choice.

Anonymous said...

The "Mc Mansion of the East Village" is looking for someone that has 30K to blow per month that does not realize or care what that amount of money could get you a fantastic place with a view, services such as a gym, doorman, etc... I had no idea Icon was behind this.

Anonymous said...

Is there tv in the mud room?

Anonymous said...

Even if you are paying 30 Million a month; you will still have Icon Realty as your landlord. RUN AWAY! They are abusive people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:56 PM. Yep. That's exactly right.

Anonymous said...

It's actually quite reasonable for say 24 NYU students at $1250 a month each. I might be interested if it comes with an Appalachian coal-burning pizza oven.

Anonymous said...

@5:36pm: I'd only be interested if the coal-burning pizza oven were lined with exactly the right kind of imported marble!

Anonymous said...

hope that back patio is rat proof

t. 9th st resident

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they'll feel about their neighbor that sits on the stoop with his balls hanging out.

chris flash said...

Ugly. Sterile. Vapid. PERFECT for the new invasive species on the LES.