Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Liberty Toye now lighting up Avenue B

As previously mentioned, Liberty Toye is the name of Ben Shaoul's condoplex taking over his nursing-home replacing rentals at 62 Avenue B.

And now, the sales office at 44 Avenue B between Third Street and Fourth Street sports neon signage ...

There's still just a teaser site up to request info about the condos on Avenue B and Fifth Street, where yesterday workers removed the Bloom 62 banner on the north-facing wall...

Bloom 62 started renting in May 2013. Prices topped out at $7,600 for a four-bedroom apartment.

Shaoul recently announced that he will accept Bitcoin for Liberty Toye, where units will run between $700,000 and $1.5 million.

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[Photo from 2012]


Anonymous said...

why does "Liberty Toye" annoy me so much? asking seriously.

Gojira said...

Because it's a stupid, vacuous, shallow mingling of disparate or made-up words jammed together with no thought as to any kind of meaning, that's going to be plastered all over what was formerly a useful building that had a worthwhile purpose?

Anonymous said...

The only people that will buy one of these rat cage size apartments will be for investment with zero plans on ever visiting the building never mind living there.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what the name means. Anyone. Ben?

Giovanni said...

Ohe Boye, youe EVE Grievee peoplee aree soe stupide, obviouslye Bene Shaoule ise inventinge ae wholee newe languagee. Whate ae totale geniuse. Cane Ie buye ae vowele? Seee youe ate Toye’s R. Use. Havee ae nicee daye!