Friday, January 4, 2019


The Wall Street Journal checks in with a feature (behind the paywall) today on Factory 380, a recently opened Warhol-themed bar located not too far away at 380 Third Ave. between 27th Street and 28th Street.

The name refers to the pop artist’s Manhattan “Factory” or studio, which became home to a host of artists, musicians and assorted creative personalities.

The idea behind the 2,700-square-foot dining and drinking space, developed at a cost of about $600,000, is to capture the energy and vibe of Warhol’s New York in the 1970s...

Design elements range from a collection of photos from Studio 54 to a silver disco ball. Drinks have playful names such as “The Camera Adds 10 Lbs.” and “We Deserve a Smoke Break.”

The article also includes comments from local theme-bar purveyor Zach Neil, whose establishments have included Stay Classy, Beetle House and 'Merica. (He says it's often best to operate themed establishments as short-term businesses or pop-ups.)

Speaking of theme places, the article notes that Neil will open a Harry Potter-inspired coffee shop called Steamy Hallows somewhere in the East Village next month. (Perhaps at his Cake Shake shop on Sixth Street, which has been closed for the past month.)


noble neolani said...

The irony of the popularity of Warhol's art was to celebrate the ordinary consumer products and superficial (celebrity) is lost on the people that love it today. Boy did Andy ruin art.

Anonymous said...

the Kidults win!!

cmarrtyy said...

Theme-park Mew York. God!

marjorie said...

Uh, wondering how that Harry Potter bar will work when JK Rowling and Warner Brothers Pictures are pretty fierce about policing copyright. Will they have to do like, off-brand HP?

"Welcome to Pigzits! Have a margarinebeer!"