Thursday, January 10, 2019

Report: Upright Citizens Brigade closing East Village outpost next month

Amid financial difficulties, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater is closing its East Village outpost, UCBeast, on Feb. 9, Vulture reports.

This tip comes to Vulture via an attendee of an all-theater meeting last night. (There hasn't been any official notice from UCB on the closure.)

Last month, UCB announced staff layoffs to help streamline their operation, as the Times reported at the time.

Pat Baer, the theater’s longtime technical director, is also leaving UCB as of Feb. 9.

Baer also made a suggestion last night on Twitter to help save UCBeast...

The venue on Avenue A and Third Street opened in September 2011 ... after so much drama (Hot Chicks Room! New Jack Cornballs!) for a comedy club. More later on all this.

Updated 10:30 a.m.

The Times reports:

U.C.B. will be partnering with SubCulture, a 130-seat Bleecker Street venue where U.C.B. will host shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights — for three evenings of programming as opposed to the full seven at the East Village U.C.B., where the last show will be on Feb. 9. Shows at SubCulture, a venue that opened five years ago, will begin on Feb. 15.

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Unknown said...

This is too bad I used to go to the Gotham City Improv to watch the comedy improvisational shows and had a lot of fun then they closed and never reopened. This City has become too expensive for these small improvisational comedy theater groups to operate in.



Giovanni said...

At least there’s one comedy club where Louis CK wont be making an unexpected appearance.

Anonymous said...

Really, *any* less nightlife is a good thing for the health of the community. Glad to see it go.

Eden Bee said...

I miss movies in that theatre.