Monday, February 4, 2019

16 Handles is back in FroYo action

The 16 Handles outpost on Second Avenue between Ninth Street and 10th Street reopened Saturday after a two-month winter hiatus.

EVG 16 Handles Correspondent Steven passed along these photos, one of which shows the shop's new hours...

16 Handles opened on Second Avenue in 2008 (their FroYo empire has grown to include locations in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey), and has outlasted every other FroYo purveyor around. RIP, for instance, Yogurt Station ... Red Mango ... Funkiberry ... Very Berry... PinkBerry ... and any other forgotten Berries.

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Anonymous said...

They need to give it up IMO. Fro-yo is a relic from an era in which people (mistakenly) believed that dietary fat is soooo bad for you, fattening, raises cholesterol etc. Now that ice cream is "safe" to eat again, fro-yo is going the way of the dodo, Tasti-D-Lite and "Snackwell" cookies. 16 handles of wholesome satisfying soft serve organic ice cream, now there's a business idea.