Friday, February 8, 2019

All tomorrow's rooftop parties


Hey! Ho! Let's Go ... look at this new marketing campaign for EVE, the 8-floor residential building at 433 E. 13th St. with a landscaped roof deck and BBQ pits (at the site of the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office property here between Avenue A and First Avenue).

Multiple EVG readers shared EVE's new ad, which notes "First we had the Ramones... and then the Velvet Underground... And now there’s Eve East Village: Designer studio, one and two bedroom rental residencies."


Gothamist and SPIN both took note of the Ramones/Velvet Underground campaign this week.

Per Andy Cush at SPIN:

The problem — besides the idea that the kind of gentrification that killed the East Village as a fertile arts community is somehow actually a happy continuation of that community’s legacy — is that the Velvet Underground came first, releasing their first album in 1967, nine years before the Ramones’ self-titled debut in ’76. This is common knowledge for anyone with even a passing interest in this music: the Velvets, with their loud noises, daring subject matter, and repeatedly slammed guitar chords, are often cited as an important predecessor to the punk rock scene that the Ramones exemplified in the following decade.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a petty but pretty hilarious mixup, especially coming from a place that claims close association with the culture of the neighborhood.

And here's Ben Yakas writing at Gothamist:

At a time when there are so many horrible things happening in the world that deserve to be called out, the questionable aesthetic choices of a new East Village condominium really shouldn't amount to a hill of beans. Having said that: there is gross, capitalistic artistic appropriation, like how Target coopted CBGB or how developers have exhumed and defiled the corpse of 5 Pointz and steam-pressed its branding onto a new building in Long Island City. And then there is gross, capitalistic artistic appropriation that gets everything embarrassingly wrong.

This is a variation of a campaign that dropped late last summer...

And we can all remember when they played at TRGT just down 14th Street.

Anyway, EVE isn't the first luxury rental around here of late to cash in on any rock history to move units. Ben Shaoul's Bloom 62 on Avenue B featured framed photos of Joey Ramone, Grace Jones and Debbie Harry in its model homes in 2017. Then there was this copy from the Bloom website:

It sounds impossible: a fully-appointed luxury building has sprouted in the beating heart of the East Village. A 24-hour doorman greets you before work in the morning, after returning from a cafe in the evening and when heading out to Tompkins Square Park on the weekends. You'll have every modern convenience, from a gym to a roof deck to in-unit laundry, on the same streets where names like The Ramones, Warhol and Hendrix and [sic] paved the history of this neighborhood for years to come.

Shaoul sold the building last fall for $85 million.

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noble neolani said...

Can't wait until they appropriate the 1980's drag queen culture of the Pyramid. Have bottomless brunch on the very sidewalks RuPaul, John Kelly and Tabboo sparked on.

In reality these are dreadful, boring, cut and paste buildings and no amount of lipstick can glam they up.

Anonymous said...

They're just trolling us now.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances that any of the drones buying these apartments have any knowledge of these bands or the history of the neighborhood to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Beat on these brats with a baseball bat.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many rooftop ragers they will have before rooftop parties are banned. Any guesses?

dwg said...

They are definitely positioning EVE as a late night rock n roll party building with roof top television for sports and movie nights, barbecue and open 7am til Midnight. Oh yeah, alcohol and parties allowed. Think some of us will have 311 on speed dial.

Giovanni said...

Here’s the rest of the marketing campaign they didn't use:

First we had Eve, then we had Adam.

First we had 14th Street, then we had 13th Street.

First we had Uptown, then we had Downtown.

First we had Avenue D, then we had Avenues A, B and C,

First we had the chicken, then we had the egg.

First we had dinner, then we had breakfast.

First we had the moon landng, then we had rockets.

First we had sushi, then we had fish.

First we were highly educated, then we went to school.

Anonymous said...

Normally I'm annoyed by just about everything Giovanni says but I have to admit, that was brilliant.

noble neolani said...

Giovanni is alway brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Giovanni is the best. If I knew who he was in real life, I'd buy him a drink or three.