Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Marcha Cocina has closed on Avenue C

After three-plus years on Avenue C at Seventh Street, Marcha Cocina has closed.

Dave on 7th shared this photo, showing the gate down with a for-rent sign attached.

This tapas joint was an offshoot of the Marcha Cocina in Washington Heights. That location never reopened after a fire this past September.

This space at 111 Avenue C was previously Cafe Cambodge (opened February 2014), which happened after the owners revamped the space from its 6-year run as Arcane.


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised about this. I live across the street. This wasn't a sought after mainstay. Also, the clientele were a little strange and it was usually empty most of the time. This spot is doomed. I remember it's previous tenant before the French restaurant, where one of the owners tragically died from her balcony in the back of the building. Maybe this could be a cafe??

Anonymous said...

A lot of closed and failed space on Ave C very risky proposition even longtime successful business's are experiencing a downturn in customers. Recently reopened EVT looks like the next casualty on the Ave. Hard to say what could work the "cocktail set" already has a few watering holes to choose from. Relatively new arrivals Wayland and ABC Beers seem to have a formula that works.

Anonymous said...

OK so heres the scoop bc i am intrigued by the closing of Marchas (now San Loco). Chatting with the lovely host i ordered from...i didnt realize it took the location where Marchas previously rented, anywho he said that the owners of Marchas mysteriously disappeared like, didnt even clean house. just closed regularly one day and never showed back up. the employees were outside trying to get in and they never cleaned out the restaurant. they left all their files and employee paper work, left the food to rot, just completely abandoned the place with no notice, the tables where set everything was as if they were still open. like they left the country. just a little interesting mystery of the closing of marchas. happy its San Loco now :) but still curious as to what the heck happen!