Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A rally this morning to keep the busway and bike lanes added for the L-train shutdown

[Photo from January by Steven]

This morning at 10, Transportation Alternatives is hosting a "Stay, Bus & Bikeway!" rally on 14th Street at First Avenue.

Here are details, via the Facebook invite:

The L Train bus and bike lanes are halfway done. Join Transportation Alternatives and commuters everywhere to demand that the NYC Mayor commit to the best versions of Manhattan's 14th Street and North Brooklyn's Grand Street

Rally for L Train Bus and Bike Lanes
Feb 6th @ 10 a.m.

The transit advocacy group has said it would be a mistake for the city to reverse course on the 14th Street bus lane additions and the 12th Street and 13th Street bike lanes now that L service between Manhattan and Brooklyn will only be shut down on nights and weekends. You can read more at this Streetsblog post from Jan. 28.

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Anonymous said...

What I like about these two "experiments" on 13 and 12 streets is how uncluttered the street looks, which makes you think, hey, cars are really just, you know, clutter. (And the street looks so clean and new without them.)

Seriously, there is no reason to have a private vehicle in the city. It is infantile.

Choresh Wald said...

Finish the job of building the bike lanes by designating loading zones on the other side of the street so that delivery and utility vehicles will have a place on the street for them to provide services for multiple people instead of storage for private vehicles owned by a few. Yesterday street cleaning was suspended, next Tuesday again: so many vehicles will be moved once in the next 10 days, for half an hour on Friday.
One parking spot designated as passenger loading zone on every block will eliminate so much double parking by ubers.

Anonymous said...

An inflection point. Why not at least experiment with the new configuration? Maybe even study it — which politician doesn't love a good study? As Billy Bragg would say, "here comes the future and you can't run from it." Soon, you may not be able to drive from it, either. Choose carefully, New York!

Anonymous said...

You mean the free-anytime-parking zones on 12/13th? These lanes are useless if parking rules are not enforced. In fact it's arguably a more dangerous situation when cyclists have to repeatedly go in and out of the car lane to get around vehicles parked in the bike lane.

FYI to all car drivers/owners, here is a little secret. Park all you want on 12/13th. It says no standing anytime but trust me, they don't ticket. I doubt you'd want to leave it overnight or anything like that, but for short stays, 12/13th St is your fucking oyster.

Anonymous said...

The No. 7 bus end/start needs to be re-instated to 14th Street and Sixth Avenue

Neighbor said...

These lanes are great, but 9:58 is right that they are pointless without enforcement. Like most thing in the city now it seems like anything that is easy policing or quality of life oriented is not enforced. Too bad because it would improve a lot if they did.

afbp said...


Anonymous said...

NYU security vehicles regularly park illegally on 13th between 3rd & 4th Ave along with many others. Clearly no enforcement.

noble neolani said...

I live and work on 12th Street, I face the street all day and will tell you that besides the occasional drop off and pickup from taxis and Ubers the bike lanes are clear for pedestrians and of course cyclists all day.

The benefits of these lanes became apparent within days.
Better visibility when crossing, kids are not hidden in blind spots between park cars.
Better flow of car and truck traffic. When someone is double parked the bike lane and bumper zone allow cars to pass easily.
Cleaner streets, wether it is wind or car owners who empty their trash from there cars into the gutters (I've seen this a million times) the city's street cleaning vehicles alway clean the entire street.
Noise! The decrease in noise was an unexpected bonus when the bike lanes arrived. Less car alarms, a dramatic drop in car horns from impatient drivers who honk regardless of the time of day or night when delayed for even a moment.
Cleaner air. No Ubers or taxi eating lunch in their vehicles with engines running, another bonus no more pee bottles.

Anonymous said...

@9:59am: We need the Number 7 bus to go AT LEAST to 14th St. and B'way. AT LEAST. That's where it used to go.

@6:23am: As far as "private cars" being "infantile" I suggest you walk over to your local fire house and TELL ALL the nice guys at the FDNY that their personal vehicles are "infantile", then let us know what their response was. You can also do the same at your local Police Precinct: just walk in and tell every officer there that their private cars are "infantile." I double-dog dare you!

Anonymous said...

"Seriously, there is no reason to have a private vehicle in the city. It is infantile."

...but zipping around on a Razor scooter as a thirtysomething ISN'T infantile?

Anonymous said...

Infantile? If someone wants a car let em have a car. They have to pay registration, tickets, etc. and deal with parking and that's their choice. For some lifestyles, it makes sense. The streets are public and should be used how people like. SO ride your bike or use your car if necessary for whatever you're doing. Once in a while, a car makes sense for me, I just don't wanna deal with it. You people with your overly strong opinions, man be rational.

Anonymous said...

@1:04m: Thank you for what you wrote; it's refreshing to see some sanity expressed on this issue.

Anonymous said...

We have a car in the city. We own an apartment and pay over 20k in property taxes a year. If we want to have a car, we have every right to have one in the city and be able to park on the street. We live on 13th and very inconvenienced by the bike lanes. It’s ridiculous how crazy people are about their opinions. We pay a lot in taxes, more than most people on here giving their opinions, and receive no more benefits than anyone else. Stop complaining!!!