Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Meltdown expected

Derek Berg spotted this discarded iMac G3 on Fourth Street ... with London Calling written across it...

Speaking of the Clash ... International Clash Day is tomorrow. John Richards, morning-show host of KEXP in Seattle, started the event on a whim in 2013 to pay tribute to the band's "message of inclusion, multiculturalism, pro-immigration, anti-hate, anti-racism, and anti-fascism." Now in its seventh year, communities in 16 countries over six continents participate.

Richards and other KEXP DJs have been in London this week for a live broadcast and online event leading up to tomorrow ... you can listen online here. You can find other International Clash Day activities here.

This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the Clash's London Calling.

[EVG file photo from 7th and A]


Anonymous said...

That other stuff is nice and all, but I like to pay tribute to the Clash's ability to rock, and pen great tunes. Let's never forget the Clash were a great MUSIC band, something in very short supply right now.

Anonymous said...

yo te quierro y finito, Joe

Anonymous said...

This is a public service announcement
With guitar
Know your rights
All three of them

Number one
You have the right not to be killed
Murder is a crime
Unless it was done
By a policeman
Or an aristocrat
Oh, know your rights

And number two
You have the right to food money
Providing of course
You don't mind a little
Investigation, humiliation
And if you cross your fingers

Know your rights
These are your rights
Hey, say, Wang

Oh, know these rights

Number three
You have the right to free speech
As long as
You're not dumb enough to actually try it

Know your rights
These are your rights
Oh, know your rights
These are your rights
All three of 'em
It has been suggested in some quarters
That this is not enough

Get off the streets
Get off the streets