Saturday, March 9, 2019

At Howl! Happening tonight: 'A Reading from the Old Neighborhood'

[International Bar & Grill, 119 St. Marks Place, 1986 © Ted Barron]

Tonight from 7-9 at Howl! Happening — "A Reading from the Old Neighborhood" ... via the EVG inbox...

Howl! Happening invites you to join us for a reading and fantastic music from the old neighborhood, featuring LES luminaries:


Kurt Wolf of Pussy Galore

Poet legends David Huberman & EAK! Angie Glasscock

East of Bowery (which includes the photography of Ted Barron)

Darius James

Annecy TK

Puma Perl

…and many more

Host Drew Hubner is the author of "American by Blood," "We Pierce" and "East of Bowery." Produced by Kristin Mathis.

Find more details at this link. Howl! Happening is at 6 E. First St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery.


John Penley said...

Choo-Choo [never knew his real name] who worked for the Pope of Pot back in the 80s used the International as a spot to have well known customers stop by there to buy pot and also the Popes messengers often were re-supplied with pot for deliveries there. Choo-Choo was a real character and a sweet guy.

brooklyn dave said...

Oh my God, I loved the old International when it was on St. Mark's - I was still living in Brooklyn then -came to E.V. in 1989/90. The place was such a dump, but a delightful dump. Marushka was certainly a unique individual. I have a friend of mine that talks about Choo Choo every once in a while. He was a regular there.

Anonymous said...

Choo-Choo Cha-Boogie!