Monday, March 18, 2019

Durden has not been open lately

[Photo last week by Steven]

Several EVG readers (H/T Laura!) have noted that Durden remained closed through the weekend ... and paper hangs in the windows of the "Fight Club"-inspired sports bar here on Second Avenue at 13th Street.

There's no word about any closure, temporary or permanent, on the bar's website or lightly used social media properties. (Yelp lists Durden as closed.)

A closure wouldn't be a surprise. Back in December, Curt Huegel, who runs a handful of bars-reaturants around the city, including Campagnola, Printers Alley, Galli and Bill's NYC, received the OK from CB3 for a new liquor license for the space. (The application stated that the new venture will serve "classic modern American" food.)

The paperwork at the CB3 website listed this as a "sale of assets."

Durden opened in October 2013 ... in space that previously housed the Nightingale Lounge.


Anonymous said...

It was closed for St. Paddys...
Durden is dead

Giovanni said...

As all Fight Club fans know, the first rule of Durdening is don’t talk about Durden. Let’s hope the next theme bar has a theme that’s actually relevant to this neighborhood, as opposed to a Harry Potter themed-bar or Beetlejuice. How about, The Crusty? Or maybe The Bike Lane. Or, The L Train Shutdown. Unfortunatley, the most relevant theme these days would be something like, Bros & Sons, or maybe The Sauage Factory. Anyway, at least there;s one less place for SantaConners to pass out in now,

Anonymous said...

@ 3:29 lol, funny imterpretation of bars in the area.

I remember a guy assuming, it was Curt in my building a few months back, asking for signatures to open/reopen this bar with a food license.