Wednesday, July 17, 2019

[Updated] A look at La Plaza's new fence

Updated 2 p.m. See below!

La Plaza Cultural, the community garden/green space on the southwest corner of Ninth Street and Avenue C, has been closed to the public since the spring for an installation of a new fence.

As you can see from these photos from the other day, the fence is up and around the garden, though work remains. (OK, there are technically two fences up ...)

Per the most recent La Plaza e-newsletter dated July 12: "Much of it’s in, but the work has not yet been completed. We’re waiting to hear what the hold-up is. Either way, it’s close! And it's a really beautiful, well-crafted fence that should stand a good long time."

No word just yet on an official reopening date for La Plaza, which local residents and activists founded in 1976.


The construction fence is gone... thanks to Eddie for the pic...

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sophocles said...

The black fence looks very good from the pictures. I was puzzled by the outer fence. Why drill all those holes in the concrete for a temporary fence?

XXXXXXX said...

The parks department logo on the fence...ugh...slowly but surely trying to take over the community gardens and make them generic and city run. Fuck that.