Sunday, July 21, 2019

Week in Grieview

[Jimi Hendrix on 1st Street via @ThePostman]

Posts this past week included...

Book Club — an independent bookstore with cafe — coming to 3rd Street (Monday)

"Wealthy, anonymous individual" buys Boys' Club building; will remain in use for a nonprofit (Wednesday)

Local elected officials urge the DOT to explore bike lane options on Avenues A, B, C and D (Monday)

A visit to Metropolis Vintage on Broadway (Thursday)

Report: Red-tailed chick in Tompkins Square Park died from rodenticide poisoning (Friday)

Scoop: Mikey Likes It back in action on Avenue A (Tuesday)

Gone green: 12th Street bike lane returns (Wednesday)

"Summer and Smoke" at 72 Gallery (Thursday)

Next steps in the plan to rebuild East River Park (Friday)

This week's NY See (Thursday)

Lucy's is on summer break (Tuesday)

The China Star closed for actual renovations (Tuesday)

Reader report: Ticketed by the NYPD for double parking in bike lane during Alternate Side Parking (Tuesday)

Nightmarket is the new name for NuNoodle (Monday)

A bendy thing moment at 11 Avenue C as new development passes the halfway mark (Thursday)

A look at La Plaza's new fence (Wednesday)

Ainsworth eyes former DBGB space on the Bowery; Ruffian team to the Eddy (Monday)

Report: retail portion of Ben Shaoul's luxury condoplex on Houston and Orchard sells for a whopping $88 million (Thursday)

... and, randomly, the view from the top floor of the Loews Village 7 on Third Avenue and 11th Street yesterday ... showing the nearly empty streets below around 5 p.m. ...


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