Monday, July 15, 2019

On the CB3 agenda tonight: AMA Raw Bar on Avenue B, The Pineapple Club on 6th Street

There are several items of interest on tonight's CB3-SLA docket. Here's a look at two of the applicants:

• 190 Avenue B

A restaurant going by AMA Raw Bar is in the works for the former Kingsley space between 11th Street and 12th Street.

The food here is described as "Asian seafood," per the questionnaire posted to the CB3 website. The applicant, listed as Harvey Woo, plans to use the backyard garden. In total, there are 30 tables for 64 guests as well as a 10-seat bar. The proposed hours are 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Thursday; until 3 a.m. on Friday ... with an 11 a.m. open on Saturday and Sunday.

Kingsley closed back in early September without any notice to patrons after three-plus years in business.

• 509 E. Sixth St.

The Pineapple Club will be bringing "American Polynesian" cuisine to the former Out East space here between Avenue A and Avenue B.

The public questionnaire on the CB3 website shows that the two-level space will have 40 tables seating 101 guests, with another 20 seats for the bar. The proposed hours are listed as 5 p.m. to midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a 4 a.m. close Thursday through Saturday, and 10 p.m. on Sunday. There's also a brunch service on Saturday and Sunday.

The questionnaire doesn't mention the background experience for the applicants — listed as Travis Odegard, Panos Kourakos and Nazar Hrab.

There's also a sample menu with the online questionnaire ...

Like Kingsley, Out East quietly closed... the space went dark in December 2017 after eight months serving a seafood-centric menu from the proprietors behind places like Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social.

Tonight's CB3-SLA committee is at the Perseverance House Community Room, 535 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B. You can frontload at Sophie's or the Ace Bar on the block.


blueglass said...

any commercial use of a backyard during late night hours in a residential neighborhood is hostile to tenants living in and around that building.
imaagine having your bedroom in a bar?

noble neolani said...

190 Avenue B is another one of those "doomed" spaces in the neighborhood. I was amazed that Kingsley last as long as it did. A lot of noise from previous restaurants spilled into the 12th Street block from the use of the backyard garden, if approved the new restaurant has to stop serving outdoors by 10 PM or people living on 12th Street will for certain file noise complaints every night during the warm months.

Anonymous said...

I think I found my new favorite drink name 'Fight Milk!" I'm not sure those mixing that with "Blood Injection" would be able to keep from vomiting stumbling out at 4am.

Shawn said...

2am for a restaurant weeknights with back patio? Wow, that's asking for trouble.

Shawn said...

OutEast was the most spectacular restaurant I've been in years - they had a real Warhol below, and I used to take people for tours at that space. The staff were always super nice to me. It was expensive but it was worth it - the double levels is unlike anything in the East Village or Lower East Side (although I'd love to hear if there is).

You'll have to pack this place nightly to pull it off, I don't see anything new on the menu but let's hope they make it assuming they're good operators.

sophocles said...

Outdoor dining is nice, unless you live above it, as even normal conversation will bounce off brick walls and reverberate into your apartment. As I've said ad nauseum, these restaurant spaces are generally illegal. They should be backyards for the tenants, according to the Zoning Resolution.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has lived on East 6th for 23 years, I have seen so many places in this space and it would be nice if something worked out!

All outside dining should be over at 9 or 10 though and all doors closed. VERY annoying for the area when you hear people screaming all ngt.

Anonymous said...

Pineapple Club looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've lived near this location for the past 5 years and have seen many 311 responses to the late-night hours' attempts. I'm sure the posted hours for the new restaurant at 190 Avenue B will be adjusted after a few weeks. Like another anonymous poster mentioned, 10pm is the cutoff for outside dining in that location. Knowing this neighborhood there won't be any hesitations for 311 to be called.