Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sorbet Cray Cray debuts today on A

The owners of the the Chikalicious dessert shop on 10th Street have revamped their Churro Cone space at 131 Avenue A between St. Mark's Place and Ninth Street.

After a few weeks in soft opening mode, Sorbet Cray Cray (!!!!) opens this afternoon. Florence Fabricant at the Times wrote about it earlier this month:

They use their homemade yogurt as the base, and add a made-to-order sorbet whizzed on the spot in a high-speed Pacojet blender. July’s flavors are rosemary, basil and watermelon. Next month, you’ll find lemongrass and honey-thyme. It will be open until late fall when they will open a more permanent outlet for the dessert nearby.

You can hit up the Cray Cray Instagram account here for more views of their "best-in-show, first-rate, silky smooth sorbets in proprietary sauce."

H/T EVG reader Annabelle!


Anonymous said...

That is THE WORST name for a business I think I've ever heard. The flavors sound delicious though.

Giovanni said...

Cray Cray Sorbet? That name is absolutely adorbs. The next time me and my bae get hangry, we are gonna get lit with my thirsty fam and then head downtown to get totally woke with this fleek sorbet with the serious clap back. You know what I’m sayin’?

Anonymous said...

Welp, here's another business name that shall never pass my lips (as in "hey, let's check out that new place called Cray Cray Sorbet"), just on principle. Too much self-respect to actually verbalize such a ridiculous horrible name. People think some snappy name is going to make or break their stupid dessert shop. This neighborhood is Dessert Hell now.