Friday, July 26, 2019

[Updated] The Starbucks on Astor Place is closed for the moment

[Photos by Steven]

Multiple readers have pointed out that the Starbucks outpost on Astor Place is currently closed...

Several workers were spotted inside... Per EVG correspondent Steven: "There is plastic over the coffee machines. They are moving inventory to the side."

Another reader said that there was some sort of leak.

In any event, the official "store closed" sign is a lot more boring than the ones used during the brief closure at the Avenue A/St. Mark's Place location.

Updated 7/28 — This location is back open.


Anonymous said...

OH NO! Customers will have to walk a few blocks and endure exceedingly superior coffee product at these alternatives...

C&B at Paper Daisy
Hungry Ghost

Customers might even discover what espresso drinks are suppose to taste like without spice, caramel, mocha etc.

cmarrtyy said...


Yeah, but people still like their McDonalds... even in coffee form.