Thursday, July 18, 2019

Green Garden Buffet coming to 9th Street

[Photo by Steven]

Awning signage is up now for Green Garden Buffet on 332 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue... not sure what this is (other than some kind of buffet!) at the moment.

This space was previously home for 22 years to Gallery Vercon, who wasn't offered a lease in 2016 after Raphael Toledano bought the building. (The property is now owned by Renaissance Realty Group in Brooklyn.)


anon said...

Heard it was going to be jamaican food.

Anonymous said...

I have no bad feelings toward this new business, only a great deal of disappointment that this special EV block is losing its unique character. For so many years it was a special laboratory for creative, singular designers and entrepreneurs. It was not only unique to the EV but to the whole city. Restaurants, nail salons, etc can be found on any block, but what was here was very special.

Anonymous said...

Please please please be Jamaican food!